You know that feeling when Mercury goes retrograde, and everything in your life seems to go haywire? Technology glitches, travel delays, and exes coming out of the woodwork. Well, the chaos extends to your shopping cart, too.

Before you make any big purchases over the next few weeks, let me give you a little cosmic PSA. There are a few things you absolutely should not buy during Mercury retrograde unless you want to regret it later seriously. I’ve made these mistakes before, so I’m speaking from experience here.

Big-Ticket Items To Skip

A new house or car are two of the biggest purchases most people make, so don’t buy or sign the final paperwork on either of these during Mercury retrograde. Delays, mistakes, or “buyer’s remorse” are common, and returns or refunds may be difficult to obtain.

Similarly, avoid buying expensive (well, even cheap) electronics like computers, phones, or TVs. There’s a higher chance of them being lemons or having issues right out of the box. If you do buy, get the longest warranty and return policy possible.

Contracts And Commitments To Avoid

Don’t sign a lease or new rental agreement or commit to a long work contract. Miscommunications mean you may misunderstand terms or get locked into something you later regret.

Avoid getting married or engaged during this time too. Relationships begun or committed to during Mercury retrograde often end in tears. At minimum, have a long engagement to allow time for any initial “mismatches” to surface before walking down the aisle.

Any major purchase, contract, or commitment you can postpone until after Mercury goes direct again is worth waiting on. An ounce of retrograde prevention is worth a pound of cure! Put off buying or signing anything important for 3 weeks, and you’ll breathe easier knowing you avoided the drama and headaches that could have been.

Starting A New Job or Business Now Is Risky

Beginnings and new ventures of all kinds are susceptible to Mercury’s backward spin. That exciting new career or entrepreneurial endeavor you’re eager to dive into could end up fizzling out quickly. Key partnerships or funding may fall through, customers or clients will be hard to come by, and obstacles will seem to appear around every corner.

It’s not that the opportunity itself is bad, just that the timing is off. If possible, wait until Mercury is direct again to put plans into action. If you have to move forward, approach it with caution and be ready to adapt to changes. Have a backup plan in case things don’t go as expected. And avoid locking yourself into long-term commitments until the retrograde period has passed.

Buying A Car

Buying a big-ticket item like a car during Mercury retrograde is tempting fate. Mercury rules over transportation and communication, so its backward motion can cause issues with anything in those domains—and a new set of wheels definitely qualifies.

Mechanical Malfunctions

Expect random parts to suddenly stop working or strange warning lights to appear on your dashboard. Little annoyances like a faulty radio, non-working power windows, or a check engine light coming on are common during Mercury retrograde car purchases. More serious problems with the engine, transmission, or other critical components are also possible down the line.

Paperwork Problems

Mercury also oversees contracts, paperwork, and negotiations. If you buy a car during this time, there may be issues with the vehicle registration, insurance paperwork, or financing documents. Hidden fees and clauses may come to light later on. The sales contract could contain errors that work against you. In short, any important paperwork or legal matters regarding your new vehicle purchase may require double-checking and clarification to avoid headaches.

Buyer’s Remorse

Even if there are no immediate mechanical or paperwork issues, you may experience strong feelings of regret or second-guessing your decision after driving off the lot. This can be a sign you paid too much, didn’t get the best deal, or the vehicle isn’t right for your needs. These nagging doubts often don’t surface until Mercury goes direct again, at which point the rose-colored glasses come off, and you see the situation with new clarity.

Unless you absolutely must buy a new car, it’s best to avoid it during Mercury retrograde. If waiting isn’t possible, do extensive research, read all paperwork carefully, get a trusted mechanic to inspect the vehicle, and be extremely vigilant during the initial period after purchasing to identify any problems early on. Your patience and diligence will serve you well, even if Mercury’s tricks try to derail your new set of wheels.

Buying Electronics Is Not A Good Idea

During Mercury retrograde, it’s best to avoid making any big purchases, especially when it comes to electronics. Mercury rules communication and technology, so when it’s retrograde, the chance of running into problems with electronics increases.

Computers And Phones May Glitch

Mercury retrograde can wreak havoc on computers, laptops, tablets, and smartphones. You may experience issues like system crashes, software malfunctions, and battery drains. If you buy a new device during this time, there’s a higher likelihood of discovering hardware problems or factory defects that require returns or repairs.

Appliances May Break Down

Major appliances such as dryers, dishwashers, freezers, and ovens also fall under Mercury’s domain. If you buy any expensive appliances during the retrograde, they may end up not functioning properly or breaking down prematurely. It’s best to avoid purchasing or installing any new appliances at this time.

Audio Equipment Sounds Off

Mercury rules all types of audio equipment, including stereos, speakers, headphones, and sound systems. There’s a chance new audio gear bought during the retrograde may produce distorted or irregular sounds. Cables and cords can also become faulty more easily.

Backup Your Files

With Mercury askew, your electronics may be more prone to data loss, software issues, and general technical difficulties. Make sure to frequently back up any important files, documents, photos, or other media during this time to avoid potential disasters.

Hold off on buying high-tech gear or making important technological changes when Mercury is retrograde. If you absolutely must purchase electronics during this time, buy from stores with a generous return policy—you may end up needing it!

Air Travel? Better Wait!

Booking a flight when Mercury is in retrograde really isn’t the best idea. So many strange things seem to happen with travel and communication during those periods. I’m sure you’ve heard the stories! People missing flights because of mix-ups with dates or times, technology glitches causing long delays, and even flights getting canceled or rescheduled at the last minute. It’s like Mercury himself is playing tricks on us.

And it totally makes sense when you think about it. Mercury rules over messaging, transportation, and everything to do with the air – planes, obviously, fall under that domain. So when Mercury moves backward from our perspective here on Earth, it mucks everything up related to his realm. Coordination and plans go awry.

I know it’s tempting to grab that cheap ticket when you see it. But personally, I’d avoid booking during Mercury retrograde if at all possible. The stress of worrying about delays or problems just isn’t worth it to me. Why risk all that potential hassle? If you can wait even a week or two extra, you’ll save yourself a lot of grief. The transits will be much smoother, and travel should go a lot more smoothly once Mercury starts moving direct again.

Adopting A Pet

Adopting a pet is such a wonderful thing to do. It really means opening your home and heart to a furry friend in need of a loving family. But there’s some truth to what they say about timing things right when Mercury is in retrograde.

See, our pets can be quite sensitive to the weird energy in the atmosphere during one of those retro periods. It might put extra stress on them or even cause some health issues to flare up. And I’ve found that any big changes like moving homes or rearranging furniture can really confuse them.

That cat house you saw at the store and thought Fluffy would just love? Well, she may want nothing to do with it if Mercury is spinning the other way. The stress could make her feel uneasy settling into a new sleeping spot. The same goes if you recently adopted – all that adjustment to a new family is hard enough without planetary weirdness mucking things up!

Our pets definitely pick up on subtle energy shifts. So, if the adoption date lands during retrograde, it may be better to wait until it passes. Give your new furry friend the best possible start in their new home without extra-planetary vibes throwing things off. The bonding and learning process will go so much smoother when Mercury is moving direct again.