It’s that time again. Mercury is about to go retrograde in fiery Aries from April 1-24, 2024, and you know what that means – three weeks of communication mishaps, travel delays, and general mayhem.

If you are an Aries yourself, this retrograde is hitting close to home. And even if you’re not an Aries, you’re probably still feeling some impact from this retrograde one way or another. Things may be a bit unpredictable or complicated right now.

How Mercury Retrograde In Aries Will Affect You

Mercury retrograde periods are infamous for miscommunications and technology meltdowns. When Mercury is retrograde in Aries, an assertive fire sign, from April 1 to 24, 2024, you can expect frustrations and impatience to flare up.

  • Date: April 1 – April 24 (23 days)
  • Zodiac sign: Aries
  • Most affected signs: Aries, Gemini, Libra, Leo
  • Themes: Aggression, impulsiveness, thoughtless actions or words

Arguments And Conflicts

With Mercury retrograde in the feisty sign of Aries, tensions are quick to ignite, and people are eager to start arguments over minor issues. Do your best to exercise patience and avoid escalating conflicts. Take a few deep breaths and consider the other person’s perspective before reacting defensively.

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Impulsive Decisions

Mercury retrograde in Aries amplifies the impulse to make rash decisions you may later regret. Avoid starting new things or signing important contracts. If you must make a choice, get a second opinion from someone with an outside perspective first.

Technology Mishaps

As always, back up files and double check that messages and documents have sent properly. Aries’s impatient and impulsive energy can lead to clicking “send” too hastily. Be extremely cautious if doing anything involving vehicles, heavy machinery, or fire, as accidents are more prone during this transit.

Restlessness And Frustration

With energizing Aries activated during this retrograde, you may feel cooped up or restless. Make sure to burn off some of that energy through exercise, sports, or spending time outdoors. When you start feeling frustrated, take a breather so you don’t blow your top. Do little things each day to keep your motivation and optimism up.

This retrograde is really showing us how important it is to slow our roll, think before we act, and stay balanced when things get stressful. I know it’ll be an irritating few weeks, but if you keep your cool and don’t make any rash decisions, you’ll get through this Mercury retrograde in Aries without too many problems.

Areas of Life Most Affected During This Retrograde


When Mercury is retrograde in Aries, the sign of self-interest and assertion, relationship dynamics can get complicated. Miscommunications and misunderstandings run rampant, and people tend to be more self-centered or combative. Be very careful how you phrase things in close relationships, as hurtful comments made in haste can be hard to take back. They can even lead to breakups.

Daily Routines And WorkFlow

Mercury rules over schedules, routines and productivity, so when it’s retrograde, these areas often get disrupted. You may find that appointments are canceled or delayed, deadlines get pushed back, and your usual efficient work flow grinds to a halt. Double check the details of any schedules or itineraries during this time, and build some extra padding into your deadlines in case of delays. Don’t start any new projects or initiatives if possible.

Travel And Transportation

With Mercury retrograde in Aries, travel plans are highly susceptible to challenges and changes. Flight delays and cancelations are common, as are issues with rental cars or public transit. If travel is necessary, build extra time into your itinerary and schedule, double check all reservations and details, and try to book refundable options in case your plans go awry. Road trips also tend to encounter more obstacles during this period like traffic jams, construction, or car trouble. Proceed with caution if driving long distances.


When Mercury is retrograde in the sign of self-interest, financial matters should be handled very carefully. Impulsive purchases you later regret are a risk, as are errors in billing, banking or payments that could negatively impact your accounts or budget. Double check all transactions, statements and records during this period to ensure there are no mistakes. It’s also not an ideal time to make any big purchases, investments or financial decisions if you can avoid it.

Tips To Survive This Retrograde

Double Check Everything

When Mercury is retrograde, double-check important emails, documents and anything else before sending or signing off on them. With Mercury askew, it’s easy to make mistakes and oversights. Read everything twice to ensure there are no errors. It’s also a good idea to confirm appointments, travel plans, and meetings since communications can get tangled during this time.

Back Up Your Files

With technology prone to glitches during Mercury retrograde, be sure to back up any important files, photos or documents. Make extra copies in case one method of backup fails. This is not the time to skip routine backup procedures! Consider using multiple methods like external storage drives, cloud services, and physical copies.

Avoid Launching New Initiatives

It’s best to avoid launching new initiatives, signing contracts, or making important decisions during Mercury retrograde. If possible, postpone these things until after Mercury goes direct. The retrograde period is meant for revising, reviewing and redoing – not beginning new endeavors. If you must move forward with something new, do ample research and triple check the details.

Expect Delays And Frustrations

When the messenger planet is retrograde, all forms of communication can become scrambled. Expect delays, frustrations, and logistical issues. Missed emails, texts and calls are common. Traffic and transportation problems are also likely. Leave extra time to get to appointments and destinations in case of unforeseen obstacles. Try to be patient and flexible – getting upset will only make the situation worse. This too shall pass!

Reflect And Revise

Use this retrograde period to reflect on past plans and projects. Look at what needs revising or reworking. Tie up loose ends and revisit anything left unfinished. This is an excellent time for reorganizing your space and reviewing financial matters. Consider how you can improve systems to be more efficient and error-free when Mercury stations direct.

The retrograde will pass before you know it. Taking extra precautions and avoiding risky moves will help you navigate this turbulent time. Once Mercury turns direct on April 24th, communications will start flowing smoothly again. You’ll be ready to start moving forward with more clarity and confidence.