Period sex can be a touchy subject. It’s messy and taboo and brings up a whole host of concerns. But one worry you may not have considered is this myth about “soul ties.” Supposedly by having sex on your period, you and your partner’s souls become eternally bonded. Is there any truth to this wild claim?

Soul Ties And Their Origins

Soul ties refer to spiritual or emotional connections between two people that transcend the physical. Some believe that soul ties can form during sex, especially period sex when a woman is menstruating. The idea is that a woman’s menstrual blood contains her life force or spiritual essence, so intercourse during this time creates a deep bond between partners.

The Origin of Soul Ties

The concept of soul ties originates in some Christian faiths and dates back centuries. Passages in the Bible refer to the idea that sex joins two into “one flesh,” creating a lasting connection. Some Christians believe that any sexual act outside of marriage creates unhealthy soul ties. Period sex in particular is thought to forge an unbreakable bond because menstrual blood is seen as sacred.

Different Perspectives On Soul Ties

Not all faiths or cultures view soul ties and period sex negatively. Some pagan and Wiccan traditions see menstrual blood as a source of power that can be harnessed through sexual magic and ritual. For them, the soul tie formed during period sex may be a means of empowerment. Others see these concepts as myth and superstition.

Does Having Sex On Your Period Create A Soul Tie?

Period sex in and of itself does not cause soul ties unless the individuals intend for it to. It really comes down to intent. Magic and energy work happen because of intention, not by accident. Unless the people involved specifically want to create a soul tie during period sex, I don’t think it will. The act alone doesn’t seal some mystical bond without meaning to do so.

Sex is a natural, normal part of relationships, and menstruation is a natural, normal part of being a woman. As long as everyone is comfortable and consents, I don’t see why intercourse during that time of the month would automatically tie two souls together. It would require a conscious decision and effort on both people’s parts to spiritually connect in that way.

Emotional Connections Matter More

That’s not to say that sex during a woman’s period (or any time) can’t be an emotionally meaningful experience that strengthens the connection between partners. However, this has everything to do with the intimacy, trust and care between the individuals involved and nothing to do with the presence of menstrual blood or the formation of soul ties.

The depth of a sexual or romantic relationship depends on how you and your partner(s) feel about each other, not on what biological processes might be occurring.

Having sex while a woman is on her period does not create any kind of supernatural connection between people. Personally, period sex isn’t really my thing, but what matters is that everyone should be free to choose what feels right for their own body. Unless you and your partner are specifically trying to magically bind your souls together, there’s no need to worry about any witchcraft stuff. Who you are and where your life goes is up to you – it all comes down to your own intentions, not myths and superstitions.

How To Avoid Unhealthy Soul Ties During Period Sex

When it comes to period sex, open communication with your partner is really important if you want to avoid any unhealthy emotional attachments. Make sure to agree on some boundaries so you both feel comfortable.

Discuss Your Intentions

Be clear that this is a casual encounter and you both want to avoid getting emotionally entangled. Say something like, “I want us to have fun, but keep this light – no strings attached.” Make sure you’re both on the same page about keeping things purely physical.

Use Protection

If you’re thinking about getting intimate with someone during their time of the month, just be careful “down there.” Throwing on a condom or dental dam is a good idea for a few reasons. Swapping bodily fluids can create an emotional connection that’s hard to break later on. Barriers also help prevent any little buggers like STDs from spreading, and that’s super important if this is just a casual thing rather than something serious.

Limit Kissing And Gazing

Sex can definitely be an intimate thing whether you’re kissing or not. For a lot of people though, really making out or looking into each other’s eyes deeply helps them feel extra close and connected. At the same time, to avoid getting too attached or dependent, it’s probably best not to overdo the long kissing, hugging and eye contact too much.

Bottom Line

Your body, your choice. I know some people think period sex can cause all sorts of spiritual stuff but scientists haven’t found any proof. It really just comes down to how you feel and what you believe. Go with your gut. If you feel ready to ride the crimson wave with your partner, take precautions, communicate, and have fun. If not, no pressure. Your boundaries are valid.