Maybe you’ve heard the term “Mercury in retrograde” and wondered what the heck it actually means. Or maybe you’re a true astrology buff who eagerly awaits each retrograde period to see what kind of cosmic craziness it might bring.

Either way, when the planet Mercury appears to move backward in the sky three times a year, it can seriously affect our communication, technology, travel plans, and more. But not every zodiac sign feels the retrograde vibes in the same way. As an astrologer, I’m here to give you the inside scoop on how this wonky planetary motion will specifically hit each of the 12 signs.


Aries, you’re used to charging ahead at full speed, but during Mercury retrograde, you’ll need to slow your roll. Your ruling planet Mars gives you passion and drive, but right now it’s time for patience.

Double check emails, texts and documents before hitting send. Miscommunications are common now, so make sure your messages are clear and mistake-free.

Your usual fast pace could lead to accidents or oversights. Pay close attention to details and avoid risks when traveling or making important decisions. It’s not time for new beginnings – focus on finishing up old projects.

This retrograde asks you to reflect instead of react. Take a step back to reassess your goals and make sure you’re still on the right path. Connecting with old friends or revisiting past ideas can inspire you in new ways.


As an earth sign, Taurus craves stability and routine. When Mercury goes retrograde, it can make Taureans feel off-kilter. Your usual steady self may feel more irritable or stubborn. Projects you start during this time may face delays or require revising.

The key for Taurus is to avoid making any major life changes or decisions during Mercury retrograde. Stick to your normal routine as much as possible. Double-check any details to avoid mistakes. Back up important files in case technology causes issues. Be flexible if plans change. Try to go with the flow rather than digging your heels in.

After the retrograde period ends, you’ll start to feel more like your grounded self again. Use the time after to revisit any ideas or plans made during the retrograde and make sure everything is in order before moving forward. With your practical nature, Taurus, you’re well-equipped to handle Mercury’s backspin.


As an air sign, Geminis are highly communicative and social. When Mercury goes retrograde, it can disrupt your flow of ideas and connections with others. Conversations may become jumbled or misunderstood, leading to frustration. It’s best for Geminis to slow down their thinking and speaking during this time.

Double-check that your messages are coming across clearly to avoid confusion. Also, be wary of making important decisions, as your judgment may be off. Instead, use this period for revising and rethinking ideas and plans. Connecting with old friends or revisiting unfinished projects can be worthwhile endeavors for Geminis now.


As a Cancer, you’re particularly sensitive to the ebbs and flows of emotion and intuition. When Mercury goes retrograde, your feelings may seem magnified or muddled. It’s easy to become moody or retreat into your shell.

Try not to make any big life decisions during this time, as your judgment may be clouded. Focus on self-care and nurturing your close relationships. Connecting with loved ones who understand you will help you feel anchored during this astrologically chaotic period. Engage in relaxing activities like journaling, bathing, cooking or gardening.

Mercury retrograde is a time for rest and restoration for you, Cancer. Avoid overcommitting yourself or taking on more responsibility. Make sure to schedule in downtime to process your emotions. Let yourself work through feelings of nostalgia or anxiety—they will pass.


As a fiery Leo, when Mercury goes retrograde you may feel frustrated that things aren’t going your way. Your natural charisma and charm seem dampened, and you have trouble attracting the spotlight you crave. Projects you’re passionate about get delayed, and you have trouble persuading others or winning them over with your usual flair.

Rather than force things or become demanding, use this time for self-reflection. Look inward and focus on your own creative pursuits. Refine your skills and talents, reconnect with hobbies or activities you enjoy, and avoid taking yourself too seriously. Your motivation and optimism will return soon enough. In the meantime, try practicing patience and humility.


As a Virgo, you strive for order and perfection. When Mercury goes retrograde, you can feel like your routines are disrupted.

Double check important details and try not to start any new projects during this time. Focus on finishing up old tasks and tying up loose ends. Your ruling planet Mercury governs communication and intellect, so miscommunications may arise. Be extra clear in your emails and messages to avoid confusion.

Virgos often feel stressed when things seem out of their control. Do small things each day to restore order like cleaning, organizing your space, or making plans. Sticking to a routine can help you feel more at ease. Try light exercise like walking or yoga which boost endorphins and relieve tension.

Connect with other earth signs like Taurus or Capricorn who share your grounded and practical nature. Their stability and support can help balance you during this transit.


As the sign of balance and harmony, Mercury retrograde can really throw Libras out of whack. With your ruling planet Venus, you strive for peace and beauty in all areas of your life. When Mercury goes retrograde, communication mishaps and technology troubles are common, which can disrupt your equilibrium.

Double check emails and texts before sending to avoid confusion and back up important files in case of technical difficulties. Also, try not to start any new projects or make big decisions during this time. Wait until Mercury goes direct to move forward.cSurround yourself with your favorite calming scents and music to relieve stress.


Mercury retrograde affects you in deep and transformative ways, Scorpio. When Mercury is retrograde, past relationships and old emotional wounds tend to resurface in your life. This is an opportunity for healing and finding closure. However, be careful not to become obsessive or vindictive.

Let go of past hurts and work on forgiving others – as well as yourself. This retrograde period is excellent for deep self-reflection and facing your inner demons. Therapy or journaling can be very cathartic. Avoid manipulative behavior and watch out for power struggles with others. Instead, focus on empowering yourself from within.


As an adventurous Sagittarius, Mercury retrograde may feel frustrating when travel plans or new experiences get disrupted. Try not to let it get you down though. Use this time to reflect on past trips and start planning your next big adventure. Connecting with like-minded souls who share your thirst for exploration can help lift your spirits.

Look for new ways to broaden your mind and expand your horizons during this period. Learn a foreign language or something new, start a new hobby, or dive into an unfamiliar topic that fascinates you. While new starts are not advised now, feeding your endless curiosity will keep you from feeling cooped up. Your ruling planet Jupiter will ensure you never run out of quests for knowledge.


As a Capricorn, when Mercury goes retrograde you may feel the effects in your daily routine and work life. Projects you’re involved in could experience delays or setbacks, leaving you frustrated with a desire for efficiency and progress.

Double check details, schedules and communications to avoid confusion or having to redo tasks. Back up important files and documents in case technology causes issues. Try to be flexible since some things will be out of your control during this time.

Though retrogrades often slow things down, use this period to reconnect with old contacts or revisit ideas you’ve had on the back burner. Reflection and reevaluation are useful now and can set you up for success once Mercury goes direct.


As an Aquarius, Mercury retrograde may leave you feeling like your usual innovative self has gone on hiatus. Your forward-thinking nature could feel stifled, and new ideas or inventions may hit roadblocks. But don’t despair — use this time to revisit old concepts or tie up loose ends.

Mercury rules communication and technology, so expect electronic mishaps and miscommunications during this period. Back up files and avoid signing important documents. Your ruling planet, Uranus, also governs technology, so take extra care with computers and devices.

On the bright side, Mercury retrograde is perfect for self-reflection. Take time for yourself to gain perspective on relationships and your path forward. Your visionary spirit will return once Mercury goes direct, so for now, focus on rest, reassessment, and rebalancing your energetic self.


Pisces, as a water sign, you are deeply intuitive and empathetic. When Mercury goes retrograde, your intuition may feel scrambled, making it harder to tap into your empathic abilities. You may feel confused by the emotional signals you’re picking up from others. It’s a good time to pull back from social situations that require heavy emotional investment.

Spending time in solitude, meditating or journaling can help re-center you during this period. Creative pursuits like art, music, photography or poetry can also help you channel your emotions in a constructive way. Connecting with spiritual or artistic communities may provide inspiration or comfort.

Mercury retrograde can disrupt your sleep, causing strange dreams or restlessness. Sticking to a routine, limiting screen time before bed and relaxation techniques like yoga or deep breathing will help you rest more soundly. Nutrition and light exercise are also important for your health and mood during this time.

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