So you’re thinking of booking a vacation during the next Mercury retrograde period, aren’t you? We get it – between work schedules, kids’ school breaks, and trying to find good deals, you have to book trips when you can. But you’ve probably heard the rumors that Mercury retrograde wreaks havoc on travel plans.

Before you panic and cancel your trip, read this. We’re here to give you the lowdown on what Mercury retrograde really means for travel and help you decide if you should book that getaway or avoid it like the plague.

Why Booking Travel During Mercury Retrograde Is A Bad Idea

Booking a trip during Mercury retrograde may seem tempting, especially if you find a great deal. However, there are good reasons to avoid major travel plans when Mercury is in retrograde.

Mercury rules communication, technology, and transportation, so when it’s moving backward, issues in these areas tend to arise. You’re more likely to experience travel delays, changes in flight schedules, miscommunications with airlines and hotels, lost luggage, and problems with navigation systems and other technology during Mercury retrograde.

Even the best-laid plans can run into snags when Mercury is in reverse. Flight delays, cancelations, and other unforeseen events are more common. You may also find that travel documents like passports and visas are lost or misplaced during this time. If you must book a trip, aim for dates after Mercury turns direct again.

Another downside is that Mercury retrograde can make it difficult to finalize travel arrangements. You may run into issues confirming reservations, finding the right deals, or signing contracts with travel providers. Things are more likely to fall through or require re-booking.

Other than that, you might accidentally delete an email about your flight or hotel booking. Wouldn’t that be a nightmare! It’s also possible to book the wrong room type, like reserving a single when you need a double. Ugh. And those are just some of the travel mix-ups that seem to happen more often then. Everything just gets confused when Mercury is in retrograde.

My advice? It’s best to avoid major commitments and decisions during Mercury retrograde if you value a smooth and hassle-free vacation. The potential for headaches, frustrations, and unplanned expenses tends to be higher when Mercury is in reverse. If your travel dates are flexible, try pushing them back to a time when Mercury is moving direct again for a more seamless experience.

While the chaos of Mercury retrograde travel may be off-putting, going in with realistic expectations can help reduce frustrations. If being spontaneous and open to the unexpected is your thing, you may find the experience exciting!

Tips For Mitigating Any Negative Effects If You Must Travel

If you have travel plans during Mercury retrograde that you just can’t change, don’t panic. While the astrologically inclined may advise waiting until Mercury goes direct again, taking a few precautions can help reduce the chance of delays, complications, or frustration.

Double-check all reservations and travel documents. Go over your itinerary, tickets, passports, visas, etc., with a fine-tooth comb to ensure there are no errors or missing information. It’s easy for details to get mixed up during this time, so verifying everything is correct and current can help avoid issues.

Allow extra time. Build some buffer room into your schedule in case flights are delayed, or connections are missed. Traffic and transportation snafus are common during Mercury retrograde, so give yourself plenty of extra time to get to the airport, station, or port.

Have a plan B. If possible, consider backup options for things like transportation to and from airports or stations in case your primary plan falls through. Have the phone numbers for taxi companies, ride shares, and public transit on hand.

Pack extras. Bring any important items like chargers, medication, tickets, or other critical things in your carry-on bag in case your checked luggage faces delays. Pack a day or two of extra clothing in your carry-on as well, just in case.

Stay flexible. Approach your trip with an adventurous and spontaneous attitude. While disruptions are annoying, maintaining a sense of humor and going with the flow will make any issues easier to handle. Look at changes or delays as an opportunity to explore a new place or try something different!

Do What Feels Right

Now that you know the real deal about Mercury retrograde and how it impacts travel, you can make an informed decision about whether or not to book that trip during the retrograde period. The truth is, for most casual vacations and quick getaways, you’ll probably be fine booking whenever the mood strikes you. But if it’s a once-in-a-lifetime, non-refundable bucket list adventure, you may want to double-check the astrological calendar first.

In the end, you gotta go with what feels right for you. If you do decide to throw caution to the wind and book, just be sure to triple-check all the details, give yourself extra time at the airport, and roll with any punches. A little flexibility and patience can go a long way.