The next Mercury retrograde period is coming up from April 1st, 2024, to April 24, 2024, so you’ll want to be prepared. During these infamous retrograde periods where Mercury appears to move backward in the sky, it’s best to avoid making big decisions or starting new projects. Otherwise, you’re just asking for trouble.

Use this turbulent time to review, revise, and redo. Go over important documents with a fine-tooth comb. Double-check any travel plans or appointments. Back up your digital files and be extra vigilant about any online transactions. And avoid signing contracts or leases if at all possible. If there’s ever a time to dot your i’s and cross your t’s, it’s now.

Mercury Retrograde 2024 Dates

In 2024, there will be three Mercury retrogrades:

  • April 1 to April 24
  • August 4 to August 27
  • November 25 to December 15

The last 2023 Mercury retrograde ends on January 1, so you may still feel its “shadow” effects.

What to Expect In 2024

When Mercury goes retrograde in 2024, expect the usual communication and technology mishaps. Double-check everything and back up all files since electronics tend to go wonky.

Travel plans may also get disrupted, so build in extra time and patience. If possible, avoid signing contracts or deals during this phase. They often end up requiring renegotiation.

On the flip side, Mercury retrograde is excellent for reconnecting, revising, and redoing. Touch base with old friends, revisit creative projects, and tie up loose ends. You can also reflect on life and reevaluate your routine. Time flies fast. Use it to your benefit.

Do Not Watch News

Avoid watching the news during mercury retrograde. Negative stories will only amplify the chaotic energy in the air and stress you out. There are still issues between Israel and Palestine, the situation in Ukraine and Russia, and conflicts in the Congo. Don’t even get me started on some of the other hot spots. But not any of it is your problem, at least now during retrograde.

Watching it all will just bring you down. My advice? Focus on your own life during these mercury retrograde periods and leave the world’s problems for another time.

Steer clear of upsetting current events and political coverage. The retrograde period is challenging enough without the added anxiety. Be wary of social media as well. It’s easy to get caught in cycles of worry or outrage scrolling through posts. Take a break and limit checking platforms like Facebook or Twitter.

Staying informed is important, but give yourself permission to tune out for a few weeks. Your mental and emotional state will thank you, and the retrograde will pass before you know it. Focus on the simple pleasures in life and try not to get caught up in the small mishaps and misfires common during this celestial event.

Drive Carefully

Driving carefully during this period is always a good idea. Mercury retrograde is known as a time of communication breakdowns, confusion, and delays, so taking extra precautions on the road can help avoid potential issues.

Communication between drivers tends to break down more easily. People may miss traffic signs or signals, misread road markings, or misunderstand each other’s intentions. Drivers can become confused about directions or which lane to be in. All of this increases the likelihood of accidents and near misses on the road. So, during this time, it is best to drive slowly, leave extra space between cars, and be extremely vigilant.

Also, the technology that we rely on while driving tends to malfunction more frequently. Navigation systems may give incorrect directions, traffic cameras and sensors may fail, and Bluetooth connections may cut out. Even our own cars seem to develop minor issues like warning lights turning on. While none of these things on their own would cause an accident, combined, they can lead to distraction, frustration, and poor decision-making behind the wheel.

Relationships And Communication: Avoid Starting New Ones

During Mercury retrograde, it’s best to avoid beginning new relationships or business partnerships. Plans and communication can easily get confused or misinterpreted, causing hurt feelings or offending others. Wait until after Mercury goes direct to make initial contact with someone new or rekindle an old flame.

In your existing relationships, be very clear in your communication. Misunderstandings are more likely, so take extra time to listen to others and make sure your own messages are understood. It may help to follow up important discussions with an email summary of key points.

Avoid reacting to situations emotionally. Take a step back and look at issues rationally and objectively. Staying calm and patient will help reduce frustrations and prevent relationship tensions from boiling over during this astrologically turbulent time.

Travel Is Not Ideal During This Time

Avoid planning any major trips or purchases during mercury retrograde. Miscommunications and delays are more likely, which can lead to frustration and wasted time.

Stick close to home and avoid long-distance travel if possible. Double-check reservations, tickets, and itineraries to ensure all details are correct. Be prepared for possible flight cancellations or delays. Have backup plans in place in case transportation issues arise.

Keep things simple and low-key. Don’t start anything new or make big changes. Instead, use this time to revisit old projects, tie up loose ends, and double-check important matters. Once mercury goes direct, you’ll be in a better position to travel around the world with problems or delays.

Do Not Buy Cars, Houses, Or Invest In The Stock Market

Mercury rules communication and travel, so when it’s retrograde, there is an increased chance of miscommunications and delays. Buying a new vehicle or home often involves signing important paperwork and contracts. With Mercury retrograde, there’s a higher risk of errors, misunderstandings, or missing details in the fine print.

It’s best to avoid any major financial investments or purchases during this time. Don’t buy or sell stocks, bonds, or cryptocurrency. Mercury retrograde can cause fluctuations and instability in the markets. Your judgment may also be off, leading you to make poor investment choices you later regret.

My advice? Avoid locking yourself into any new long-term commitments or legal agreements. Stick with the status quo until Mercury goes direct to minimize hassles and headaches down the road. If you must sign a contract, double-check all the details carefully. It’s better to be safe than sorry!


Don’t make any big purchases, sign important contracts, or launch new projects. Avoid confrontations and difficult conversations during Mercury retrograde- they’ll likely end in disaster. Steer clear of travel if you can, delays and cancelations are par for the course. And for the love of the astrological gods, back up your electronics and files.

Follow these guidelines, and you’ll emerge unscathed on the other side. The retrograde may test your patience at times, but stay calm and patient. You will realize that Mercury retrograde is not that bad after all! Take it slow and avoid the avoidable. Before you know it, Mercury will turn direct, and you’ll be back to business as usual.