You know how some guys are all about the booty or legs or some other body part? When it comes to the Taurus man, he’s got his own preferences for the female form. As an earth sign, he tends to be more sensual and in tune with the physical world, so he notices a woman’s assets. If you want to catch his eye and keep him captivated, it helps to know what parts of you will appeal to his earthy nature.

His Ruling Body Parts

In astrology, Taurus is all about the neck and throat. The area between your eyes and chest is their domain. The main parts of the body that Taurus governs are the throat, neck, and vocal cords, and they tend to have a thing for that area of the body, whether it’s their own or someone else’s.

If you’re trying to get a Taurus guy interested, play up that neck and shoulder area. Make sure to draw attention to your throat and between your eyes and chest. Since Taurus rules all the senses, don’t just look good. You have to satisfy all his senses. Engage his taste, touch, hearing – not just his eyes. Go all out with things he can experience to really appeal to him.

A Taurus Man Loves A Woman’s Sensual Neck

Smooth And Delicate

A Taurus man is attracted to a woman with a long, graceful neck. He loves gently caressing the soft skin and running his fingers along the curve. For a Taurus, a woman’s neck is an erogenous zone, so he enjoys nuzzling, kissing and nibbling the area.

An Invitation To Explore

A woman’s exposed neck is an open invitation for a Taurus man’s affection and exploration. He loves moving your hair aside to get better access. The vulnerability and trust a woman shows by baring her neck appeals to his romantic nature.

Sensual Touches

A Taurus man expresses his desire and passion through sensual physical touches. Expect tender kisses, soft bites and gentle massages of your neck. His large, strong hands caressing your neck send tingles down your spine. His warm breath and lips on your neck make you melt into his embrace.

Take Advantage!

Ladies, if you want to attract a Taurus man or drive your Taurus wild, make sure to wear your hair up and show off your neck. Tilt your head to the side a bit to make it even more enticing. A Taurus man won’t be able to resist running his hands along your bare neck and showering you with affection.

A Taurus Man Adores Soft, Feminine Hands

The astro bull is sensual creatures who appreciates the simple pleasures in life. For him, a woman’s hands are incredibly alluring. Delicate, well-manicured hands with soft skin signal to him that you take good care of yourself.

He will notice the little details, like how smooth and moisturized your hands feel when he holds them. The Taurus man loves giving hand massages and having his hands caressed in return. Manicured nails in a natural, nude shade are appealing to his earthy tastes. He does not want long, flashy acrylics that could potentially scratch him.

Keep a bottle of luxurious hand cream in your purse and use it frequently, especially after washing your hands. Exfoliate and moisturize your hands at night before bed and slip on a pair of cotton gloves while you sleep for an intensive treatment. Use a nail brush to keep your nails and the areas around your nails clean and tidy.

He Is Drawn To Full, Curvy Hips

As a very down-to-earth sign, Taurus men are drawn to sensual pleasures and physical comfort. For a Taurus man, a woman’s hips and thighs are incredibly appealing. He loves full, rounded hips and curvy thighs that he can grasp onto. Taurus men are tactile creatures and want to feel the softness and warmth of a woman’s body.

Your hips and thighs are a source of sensuality that a Taurus man finds irresistible. When you walk by, his eyes will be drawn to the sway of your hips. He’ll love placing his hands on your hips when embracing you, caressing your curves. In intimate moments, he’ll lavish attention on your hips, thighs, and bottom, massaging and kissing these areas. His hands will constantly wander to rest on your hips as if he can’t keep them away.

Curvy, voluptuous women ignite a Taurus man’s passions. If you have ample booty and thick thighs, you’ll drive a Taurus man wild. He loves having something soft, warm, and inviting to grasp onto. Your curves will make him feel stimulated and comforted at the same time. So don’t be afraid to play up your hips and thighs to attract an enamored Taurus man. Flaunt those curves – he won’t be able to resist!

My Advice

If you’re crushing on a Taurus man, pay attention to his eyes and where they tend to wander. Show off those legs, hips, and chest – but keep it classy. He wants to admire your beauty, not objectify you – you are not a thing. Let him gently touch your shoulders and run his fingers through your hair. Talk to him in a soft, sweet tone so he always wants to hear your voice. And don’t forget to offer him a soothing foot rub after a long day – that will for sure win him over.