As an earth sign notorious for being closed off, it can be tricky to decode a Virgo’s behavior when she starts retreating into her shell. But don’t go spiraling into paranoid assumptions just yet. There are subtle signs that she still cares, even if she isn’t being as vocal about it. Keep an eye out for these seven subtle hints that your Virgo woman is missing you, even if she won’t say it outright. Her actions will be loud.

She Reaches Out More Often

When a Virgo woman misses you, she’ll start finding excuses to call or text more regularly. She’ll shoot you a quick message to say hello, ask how your day is going, or share something funny that reminded her of you. These little check-ins are her way of staying connected even when you’re apart.

She Makes An Effort To See You

If a Virgo woman starts making more of an effort to spend time with you, it’s a sign she misses your company. Don’t be surprised if she also wants to meet up for coffee or a drink more frequently.

She’ll make time in her busy schedule to FaceTime or talk on the phone. Little things like tagging you in memes on social media or sending you random messages to see how your day is going are signs she wants to stay connected.

For a Virgo, quality time is one of the most meaningful ways to show someone you care. So if she’s consistently making the time to spend with you, especially if that time seems unprompted or unnecessary, it’s a clear signal you’re someone she doesn’t want to lose contact with. Her desire to see you in person whenever possible reveals how much she values your presence and the level of comfort she feels when you’re together.

She’ll Send You Little Reminders

She may send you little reminders of things you have in common to spark memories of good times together. Maybe she shares a song that she knows is meaningful to both of you. Or recommends a TV show she thinks you’d both enjoy and suggests watching it together. These are her subtle ways of reaching out and saying she wishes you were there to enjoy these shared interests together.

Virgo women really value having intellectual connections with their partners. When you two first started dating, you likely bonded by talking about things you’re both interested in and having really engaging conversations. So now when she sends you songs, TV shows, or other media from those early days, it’s her way of looking back fondly on building that mental and emotional closeness between you.

She Asks About Your Health

She will show she cares by inquiring about your well-being. Virgos are natural nurturers, so if she’s asking how you’re feeling or if you need anything, it’s a sign she has you on her mind.

She may call or text out of the blue just to check in and see if you’re staying healthy. Don’t be surprised if she offers to bring you soup or medication if you mention you’re feeling under the weather. Her caring nature means she wants to make sure the people she cares about are well cared for.

Even if you haven’t spoken for a while, she will likely still reach out if she hears through the grapevine that you haven’t been feeling your best lately. Her concern for your health and happiness is a subtle signal that you’re still important to her, even if she isn’t saying it directly.

She Gets More Possessive

If a Virgo woman misses you, she may become more clingy and jealous. Virgo women want stability and commitment in relationships, so when they feel like you’re pulling away, their insecurities come out.

She may start asking where you’ve been and who you’ve talked to. Don’t take it the wrong way- she just wants to hold on tight. Reassure her that she’s the only one and give her your full attention when you’re together. Let her know you understand why she feels this way and want to make her feel better.

Virgo women really value the truth and trust. If she acts clingy, it means she’s losing trust in you and afraid of losing you. Do small things to show you’re loyal, like sending a quick text to say you’re thinking of her or planning a date night.

She Asks About The Future

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Your Virgo woman will start thinking about the future. As an earth sign known for being practical, Virgos like to plan ahead. If she asks you about your holiday plans, career goals, or even small things like what movie you want to see next weekend, it means she’s thinking about you and wants to be part of what’s coming up.

Virgo women need security and stability in life, and by asking about your future plans, even small ones, she’s making sure she stays a part of your world in the weeks and months ahead.

Of course, how much detail she wants to know depends on where your relationship is at. If you just started dating, she may keep things casual by asking about your weekend. If you’ve been together awhile, she may wonder about bigger milestones like career changes or even marriage and family. Answer her questions honestly but gently, without overwhelming her if you’re not at that level of commitment yet.

Acts of Service

Virgos are natural caretakers. If she misses you, she may show it through small acts of service. She may offer to run errands for you, bring soup when you’re sick, or ask if there’s any way she can help lighten your load. While she’s practical and reserved with emotions, these gestures are her quiet way of saying “I’m here for you”.

She may also offer to help organize or clean an area of your life that has been messy recently. Like a closet bothering you, an overgrown yard, or a messy garage. As an earth sign, Virgos feel most comfortable showing care through practical help. Don’t be surprised if she shows up with tools to help clean, organize or do yard work.

My Advice

Don’t let that cool and collected Virgo personality fool you. Deep down, she’s feeling your absence and hoping you’ll make a move. When you notice those subtle hints, take it as your cue to reconnect. Let her know you’ve been thinking about her as well. She may be shy about showing it, but her heart wants you to know she misses you too. Now that you’re aware of the signs, go ahead and reach out – I bet she’ll be happy to hear from you.