You’re interested in the strong, silent type. The Taurus man caught your eye and maybe even your heart. His steady nature draws you in. But lately, he’s pulled away. You want his attention again. So you try ignoring him, thinking the silent treatment will bring him back. Will it work? Does the stoic Taurus man even notice when you go radio silent? And if he does, will it have the effect you want?

Before you ghost your Taurus crush, know what you’re getting into. We’ll explore whether ignoring a Taurus man will make him miss you or drive him further away. Get the insight you need on how Taurus men react to the cold shoulder. You may be surprised by what the stars have to say.

Why Taurus Men Don’t Respond Well To Being Ignored

Taurus men are stubborn as bulls, and they don’t take rejection lightly. Ignoring him won’t make him come chasing after you. In fact, it will likely backfire.

Taurus men value stability and consistency. The silent treatment goes against everything a Taurus holds dear, shaking the very foundation of your relationship. He’ll see your ignoring him as a betrayal and lack of loyalty. Rather than pining for your affection, he’ll harden his heart.

Don’t expect a Taurus man to beg for your forgiveness. His pride won’t allow it. He’s far more likely to cut you off in return. The strong, silent type, a Taurus man internalizes his feelings. Your lack of communication will only cause him to withdraw into himself.

Ignoring a Taurus man is a risky gamble that often ends in you losing him for good. This stubborn bull thrives on steadfast devotion. If you withhold your affection to teach him a lesson or make him chase you, your punishment may turn out to be self-inflicted. The safest way to deal with a Taurus is through communication, honesty and trustworthiness – not mind games. Play stupid games, win stupid prizes.

He’ll Start To Question Himself

When you ignore a Taurus man, his self-confidence takes a hit. As a fixed earth sign, Taureans tend to be quite self-assured and stable. But without your affection and attention, he’ll begin to doubt himself and his appeal. He may wonder:

  • Did I do something wrong? Why isn’t she talking to me?
  • Is she losing interest in me? Am I not charming or attractive enough?
  • Is there someone else who has caught her eye?

Not knowing the reason for your silence will eat away at him. The bull hates uncertainty and being left in the dark. He’ll rack his brain trying to figure out an explanation for your behavior. This self-questioning may motivate him to reach out to you to clear the air and set things right. He wants reassurance that everything is okay between the two of you.

Your ignoring tactic pokes at the Taurus man’s confidence and desire for security in a relationship. It alerts him to a potential problem, even if you have no intention of ending things. Once he realizes you’re giving him the cold shoulder on purpose, his stubborn nature may cause him to withdraw as well. The silent treatment cuts both ways!

He’ll Withdraw Emotionally

Taureans tend to move slowly in relationships and value emotional security. Stonewalling or giving him the silent treatment is likely to make him feel unsteady in the relationship and damage his sense of stability.

Rather than confronting the issue directly, he may bottle up his feelings and become more detached to avoid potential conflict or hurt. He’ll appear aloof, stop initiating contact as much, and conversations may feel awkward or forced. This is his way of pulling back to avoid feeling vulnerable, even if he doesn’t fully understand why you’re ignoring him.

The Taurus man highly values loyalty, affection, and consistency in his relationships. The silent treatment goes against all of these, so he will have a hard time knowing how to respond in a constructive way. His natural reaction is to shut down emotionally for self-preservation.

While giving a Taurus man space for a short time can be helpful, ignoring him long-term will likely damage your connection and cause distrust. The healthiest approach is to have an open, honest conversation about the underlying issues in the relationship and make your needs and expectations clear. If you value him, make the effort to rebuild emotional intimacy and security.

Is It Worth It?

Ignoring a Taurus man can be a risky move. While it might pique his interest at first, he could just as easily write you off completely. Tread carefully if you try this tactic. The stubborn bull isn’t known for chasing after people.

Your best bet is probably to communicate openly and honestly about what you want. But if you must try the silent treatment, at least have an exit plan in case it backfires. Just remember that playing games usually doesn’t get you far with the steady and sensible Taurus. He’d much rather you speak your mind. Trust that he’ll appreciate your directness.