Have you been feeling unusually emotional lately? Crying at sappy commercials, snapping at your friends for no reason, or just generally riding the mood rollercoaster? No, you’re not losing it. The likely culprit is our celestial troublemaker, Mercury, doing its backward dance in the sky again.

When the planet of communication turns retrograde, as astrologers call it, the emotional effects down here on Earth can be potent. Your feelings may feel amplified, harder to control, or just generally out of whack. Your emotional ups and downs don’t mean you’re unstable or that anything is wrong – it’s just the universe’s way of keeping us humble during Mercury’s retrograde.

Why Does Mercury Retrograde Make You Feel Emotional?

Mercury retrograde means the planet Mercury appears to be moving backward in the sky. During these periods, Mercury’s energy turns inward, which can influence our thoughts, communication, and emotions.

When Mercury is retrograde, you may feel extra sensitive or moody. Past memories or unresolved issues may surface, making you feel nostalgic or reflective. You may have vivid dreams or trouble sleeping as your mind feels overactive. Don’t worry, these feelings are normal and will pass once Mercury goes direct again.

Mercury retrograde also impacts how we express ourselves. You may stumble over words, have misunderstandings, or feel less articulate. Give yourself extra time to think before responding to avoid saying something you regret.

Common Emotions Experienced During Mercury Retrograde

During Mercury retrograde, you may find yourself feeling more emotional or irritable than usual. It’s a normal human reaction to the energetic shifts happening around you.


You may feel bursts of nostalgia as the past seems to surface in your mind. All of a sudden you find yourself thinking about things that happened years ago, people you haven’t talked to in forever. Old memories just pop into your head out of nowhere.

Mercury kind of shakes loose stuff from our past. All those things we thought we had dealt with, buried, and moved on from. Nope, not during Mercury retrograde! It’s all coming back up like we just found out about it yesterday. Relationships that didn’t work out, things we said we wished we hadn’t, regrets, all that kind of stuff. And it can feel really intense, too.

Frustration or Restlessness

Just when you think everything is going smoothly with a project or plan, something seems to go wrong. Details get mixed up, messages don’t come through clearly, or your computer decides it needs a software update right when you have a deadline. It’s enough to make anyone pull their hair out!

But you have to remember, it’s not just you – everyone is feeling the effects of Mercury going into reverse. Deadlines slip through the cracks, meetings get rescheduled, and agreements fall apart. We all start stepping on each other’s toes. Traffic seems worse, too, and don’t even get me started on technology!

Anxiety or Worry

Mercury retrograde can really do a number on your mind sometimes. It’s like all your usual worries and doubts just get amplified, and you start imagining all these scary “what if” scenarios. I definitely feel it – my anxiety just starts spinning out of control.

But you know what helps me? Taking a step back from those thoughts and reminding myself that it’s just the retrograde messing with my head. Those fears I’m having about the future aren’t based in reality, they’re just stories I’m telling myself. I try to just breathe and focus on what’s happening right here and now instead of getting lost in worst-case scenarios that probably won’t even happen.

Easier said than done, I know. When that anxiety hits, it’s so hard to think rationally. But if I can just pause for a moment and tell myself it’s not real, that usually helps me shift my perspective. I’m still aware of the worries in the back of my mind, but they’re not taking over anymore. And that makes it so much easier to go about my day without feeling overwhelmed.

On the positive side, you may find yourself feeling more creative or imaginative. Your dreams may become more vivid or meaningful. Tap into this enhanced intuition and see what insights emerge!

My advice? Do not judge yourself for what you’re feeling, but accept these emotions with compassion. Limit exposure to stress and negativity, and be gentle with yourself and others. This sensitive time will be over before you know it, so make the most of the opportunity to slow down, reflect, and renew your perspective.

Don’t Beat Yourself Up

Your emotions may feel heightened, you may feel extra sensitive or irritable, and your thoughts might feel scrambled. But it’s all par for the course with the trickster planet messing with communication and technology.

Once Mercury goes direct again, you’ll start to feel more like yourself. In the meantime, give yourself extra patience and compassion. Connecting with others who understand what you’re going through can help. And remember, you’re not alone – everyone feels out of sorts sometimes. It’s just the cosmos working their magic.