You’ve probably heard it all before. “Pisces are too sensitive.” “They’re so flaky and indecisive.” “I could never date a Pisces!” It seems like the fish of the zodiac get a bad rap. But why all the hate for the dreamy water signs? What is it about Pisces that rubs people the wrong way? As someone with a lot of Pisces in my life, let me give you 7 reasons why I think they catch so much flak.

Pisces’ Sensitivity Is Often Misunderstood

Pisces are deeply sensitive souls, so much so that their emotions can overwhelm them at times. But their sensitivity is often seen as weakness by others. Don’t mistake a Pisces’ emotional depth for fragility, though. Their sensitivity allows them to understand people on a profound level.

They have a sixth sense for reading people and knowing what they’re feeling. But it also means they take on the emotions of those around them, whether good or bad. No wonder being in crowds can be tough for them or they prefer being alone. Their sensitivity is both a gift and a curse.

When it comes to emotions, they feel them so strongly. Just one bad day and they’re in the dumps, but one nice thing said and they’re walking on air. Their rich inner world gives them a real love for art, spirituality, imagination – all that good stuff. But it also means their feelings get hurt easy when others don’t share their sensitivity.

If you don’t like them because they’re sensitive, think again. Sure, they’re sensitive, but they’re also tough on the inside. It’s just how they’re wired. Their sensitivity is their superpower.

They Tend To Be Emotional And Dreamy

You know that friend who always has their head in the clouds? That’s probably a Pisces. Being a water sign, Pisces are super emotional and intuitive. They tend to be big dreamers and see the world through rose-colored glasses. A lot of times, they’d rather daydream than deal with reality.

On the flip side, Pisces are extremely creative and can imagine up a storm. They’re also very empathetic – really care about other people’s feelings. But their emotions run them ragged sometimes. They take everything so personally and get hurt easily, and that’s why they are hated. Always having their head in the clouds doesn’t help either – it makes them a bit lazy, disorganized, and not that practical.

Pisces tend to be swayed by what other people say and a little gullible. They want to see the good in everyone so it’s easy for some folks to take advantage. It’s tough for them to set boundaries. That’s why Pisces often end up with friends or partners that just end up hurting them or taking them for granted.


The astro fish can seem a little mysterious. It’s just because they feel things so deeply on the inside. With that water element, their emotions and intuitions are always flowing.

Now that can make them hard to read sometimes. But it doesn’t mean they’re trying to hide anything! Pisces just like to keep more private. They want real connections with people they’re close with.

And they’re picky about who they fully open up to. Some signs just don’t get it, though. If your Pisces friend is acting aloof or evasive, don’t think too much of it. That’s just their natural vibe. What’s on the outside isn’t what’s really going on inside.

At the end of the day, Pisces have good intentions. They just like to experience life in their own mysterious way. So next time your Pisces seems secretive, remember it’s nothing personal – that’s just how they operate!

They Can Come Off As Flaky And Unreliable

Pisceans really like to daydream. They tend to live in their own little fantasy world and sometimes forget what’s really going on. This can make them seem scattered to other people. They might agree to plans but then bail at the last minute if their mood changes, leaving friends and coworkers frustrated.

They’re the type to believe in fairy tales and knights in shining armor. They focus so much on dreaming that they lose track of reality. And before they know it, years have passed just waiting for prince charming to show up while they could have been meeting real people.

Also, Pisces typically don’t like confrontation. They’d rather escape into their imagination than deal with relationship problems or issues at work head-on. But ignoring things rarely makes them go away. Pisces friends and coworkers would benefit from gentle encouragement to face challenges together through open communication before things spiral out of control.


As a water sign, they just get super lost in their dreams and illusions. They’d rather avoid dealing with real life problems and just escape to some made up reality in their head instead.

A lot of people think that’s childish or lazy. But for Pisces, it’s just how they cope with a world that usually doesn’t get them. Emotions are super intense for them, and hearing about all the bad stuff out there can be super overwhelming. So, escaping to fantasy is how they find some peace.

Sometimes, they even want to physically escape, like moving to another country or way out in the country. Or worse, using drugs or alcohol to detach from reality. It’s just that Pisces are so idealistic, believing in this better world, that fantasy is how they experience the beauty and magic they wish was real.

But with time and maturity, they can learn to make their own paradise inside and bring more beauty to reality through creative self-expression. Then, their escapism becomes a source of imagination, intuition, and dreams they can share to inspire others.

Pisces’ Empathy Can Be Overwhelming For Others

Their empathy is through the roof – they can literally step into someone else’s shoes and experience emotions that aren’t even theirs. For Pisces, this is totally natural. But for others, it can feel like too much or like their feelings are being invaded.

Some signs might feel a little weirded out by how easily Pisces can tap into emotions. It’s not unusual for people to feel exposed when a Pisces is looking at them or to be put off by how much Pisces want to dive deep into meaningful stuff. The way Pisces can just intuit unspoken hurts or insecurities and bring them up in a conversation can make others feel vulnerable.

Even though Pisces mean well and are just trying to connect emotionally, their empathy isn’t always welcomed or matched. Some relationships might lack the emotional give-and-take Pisces craves. Navigating that disconnect between how much they feel and how much others feel back can lead to feelings of isolation or not being understood. The sensitivity Pisces have is a gift, but it takes finding people who can appreciate them for who they are – emotions and all.

Boundary Issues

Because of their sensitive nature, it can be tough for them to set boundaries in relationships and say no when people ask for things. They don’t want to upset anyone, so they’ll try to do everything for everyone.

The problem with that though is it can lead to some issues. They’ll start to feel resentful cause they’re doing so much but not getting much back. Others might take advantage cause they know Pisces will agree to everything.

Trying to please everyone all the time burns Pisces out quick. Some people might think Pisces just seem desperate but really it’s just cause it’s difficult for them to separate themselves from others emotions and needs. They have to learn to say no sometimes and take care of themselves, too.