Has that Gemini guy you’re talking to been acting kinda distant lately? He’s always been a bit all over the place, but now you’re really starting to stress about it. You keep checking your phone constantly even though you know he’s not hitting you up as much.

I know it hurts, but I think he might have checked out emotionally already. Geminis get bored easily, and once they pull back like that, it usually means their head is somewhere else.

Here are 5 situations that scream, “Let that Gemini man go!

When he becomes distant and detached

When your Gemini man starts becoming distant and detached, it may be time to let him go for good. Perhaps he doesn’t seem as interested in keeping in touch as before. You noticed he’s not calling or texting you as much as he used to. In the past, it seemed like he wanted to spend all of his free time with you. Now, it always seems like he’s too busy or tired to get together.

Or his mind seems elsewhere even when you are with him. He doesn’t appear as focused on your conversations together. When you do hang out, it’s like he’s distracted and not fully paying attention to you. Those deep talks you guys used to have all the time have become more rare.

If any of this rings true, you may need to face a hard truth – your relationship could be slipping away. It might be time for a discussion about where things currently stand between you two and what you each want going forward. But be prepared that ending it may be the best option rather than hanging on to something that has run its course.

When the communication breaks down

If a Gemini man starts not communicating with you as much anymore, it may be time to think about where things are at. Communication is super important to Geminis since they’re an air sign, so if he’s not texting or calling as often and seems distant when you do talk, or if he’s pulling away into his own world, those could be signs he’s losing interest.

Instead of double texting him or showing up unannounced, give him some space for now. Use this time to think about what you really want from a relationship and if this is fulfilling your needs. Let a few days pass, then reach out to schedule an actual conversation, ideally meeting in person.

Be real with him about how his lack of communicating made you feel, and that you want some clarity on where you both stand. But be prepared – he may have already checked out emotionally, in which case you deserve someone who will prioritize you and the relationship.

When he starts being inconsiderate or hurtful

Is he acting like you’re an option rather than a priority lately? Seems like little insults and broken promises just roll right off his tongue now. If that’s the case, you may have to face the hard truth that he needs to fly solo again.

Geminis do value their freedom, but that’s no excuse to treat someone badly. You deserve a partner who’s kind, respectful, and caring all the time. Don’t waste your time making excuses for his thoughtless words and empty promises. Have a real talk with him about how his insensitivity makes you feel and what you both want.

If he’s not willing to change or just says you’re overreacting, you’ll know in your gut it’s time to let this two-faced dude go. You’re worth way more than part-time affection and half-hearted devotion.

When the mystery is gone

Geminis live for excitement and new experiences. If things start feeling repetitive or dull, his eyes will wander, looking for something more stimulating. Watch out for signs he’s checked out, like taking longer to text back, hanging with friends more, or not making solid plans to see you. That spark you two had is fading fast, leaving the relationship pretty lackluster.

Instead of desperately trying to rekindle things, maybe it’s time to throw in the towel. I know it’s painful, but staying in something unfulfilling will only make you both miserable in the long term. Freedom and independence are huge for these air signs. If he feels stuck or bored, his instinct will be to bolt.

Letting a Gemini guy go isn’t simple, but by setting him free, you open yourself up to finding a better match. Someone who will love you faithfully for the long haul, not just until the next excitement comes along.

When he fails to commit

Geminis can be slow to commit to relationships, but after months or years together, his inability to fully commit is a red flag.

I know it can be difficult to consider moving on from someone you care about. But you have to think about what’s best for your own happiness and well-being. If, after a significant amount of time, he still isn’t willing or able to make that commitment to you, it’s natural to start feeling frustrated and unsure about the future.

It’s also not a good sign if he makes constant excuses for why he can’t commit or blames outside factors that are preventing it. And avoiding serious discussions about the relationship is another red flag. Having a partner who is unwilling to openly communicate and work with you on important issues can really take an emotional toll over time.