If you’ve got your eye on a Virgo, you may wonder if your body type is what he’s looking for. As a very analytical earth sign, Virgo men usually know what they want physically. They tend to have clear preferences for romance and partners.

A Quick Look At Virgo Men

A Virgo man is a practical type who really values competence and efficiency. Work and intelligence are big deals for this earth sign. If you want to catch his attention, lean into those industrious and brainy sides of yourself. Talk to him about things that get those wheels turning upstairs – science, philosophy, current events, you name it. Deep conversations are what a Virgo craves.

But it’s not just what you say – it’s how you present yourself too. This man notices everything! He’ll pick up on how tidy your home is, if you’re on time for your dates, even how you treat the server at a restaurant.

As a perfectionist, any little flaws or imperfections won’t get past him. But it’s not about wearing designer clothes or doing a full face of makeup. Virgos know that you can look absolutely polished and put together even in basic, everyday outfits. What really matters to them is how well-groomed and put-together you appear. As long as your hair and nails look fresh, your outfit is neat and wrinkle-free, and you carry yourself with confidence, they could care less about brands or luxury labels.

His Ideal Body Type

Virgo men really appreciate the small details. Natural beauty is key – things like taking care of your health and keeping it real. He’s not that into “fake stuff” like plastic surgery, tattoos, or flashy fashion. Your overall figure matters more than being super skinny or curvy. As long as everything is proportionate. Most importantly, he wants a lady who embraces her femininity. That means being well-put-together and clean-cut.

A Fit And Toned Figure

He likes an active lifestyle and thinks it’s attractive when a woman works out regularly and stays in shape. Things like yoga, hiking or spin class – whatever keeps you fit is good. And he’ll probably want to join you for your workouts, too!

Natural Beauty

Virgos like a more natural look. Fancy clothes, lots of makeup, or accessories everywhere aren’t really his style. He appreciates simple, understated beauty – like natural skin, light makeup and clothes that compliment your figure without being over-the-top. Stick to natural fabrics, solid colors, and less decoration. Your natural good looks will shine through.

Good Posture and Grace

He notices how you present yourself physically – your posture, the way you walk, and the confidence in your movements. He likes it when a girl stands up straight with good posture and moves in a graceful, balanced way. Make sure to look him in the eye when you talk, and shake his hand confidently. Try to carry yourself in a poised, relaxed manner. Things like good posture, elegant mannerisms, and carrying yourself with dignity will really catch his attention.

How To Attract A Virgo Man Based On Your Body Type

If you want to attract a Virgo guy, focus on taking good care of yourself. Virgos like natural beauty and cleanliness. Highlight your best features in a simple, neat way. Even if you’re not into fashion or makeup, make sure you look well put together and clean. Believe me, he’ll notice clean nails, teeth, and hair over anything superficial like an expensive dress. Virgos appreciate the small things that show you take pride in your appearance.

Curvy or Voluptuous Body Type

Virgos tend to like women with nice curves, so show off what you’ve got! Wear clothes that fit well and highlight your waist and hips. Think wrap dresses, pencil skirts with a tucked-in top, or skinny jeans with a belted tunic. Keep it polished – you want to look put together, not sloppy or revealing. A Virgo will notice your beautiful shape when it’s presented tastefully and neatly. Class it up and your Virgo man will appreciate the view!

Petite or Slender Body Type

If you have a more petite or slender build, I’d recommend focusing on flowy, feminine styles that play up your delicate features. Things like peasant blouses, maxi skirts, fitted trousers, and chiffon dresses made from soft fabrics will look lovely. Avoid anything too boxy or oversized, as those types of shapes could overwhelm your frame. As for your look, keep your hair and makeup fresh, natural and light. That graceful, waif-like charm will really attract a Virgo when you accentuate your natural delicacy.

Athletic or Muscular Body Type

For an athletic look, choose fitted styles like t-shirts, tank tops and cropped pants that hug your figure in a sporty way. Stay away from anything too loose or tight. Add some personality with bold accessories such as chunky bracelets or a show-stopping necklace.

An athletic Virgo will like someone who cares about health, fitness and living an energized life as much as he does. But keep in mind that he wants a woman, not just a muscle-bound gym rat. So even if you have muscles, show your feminine side as well.

He’ll Love You For Your Mind

When it comes to the body type a Virgo man likes, it’s less about the specifics and more about the person as a whole. Sure, he may notice a woman’s appearance at first. But what really gets his attention is who she is on the inside. Her personality, her character, her intellect – those are the things that will make him fall for her.

Don’t get too hung up on looking a certain way. Focus more on developing your qualities as a person – things like being smart, kind, and caring. Those inner traits are what will make him really fall for you. He’ll love you for your mind first, before anything else.