A Scorpio moon woman is the one with the mysterious aura, intense gaze, and secretive ways. The kind of woman who seems to see right through you, yet reveals little of herself.

Ruled by the transformative planet Pluto, her emotional world runs deep, complex, and often misunderstood. But cross beneath that guarded exterior, and you’ll discover she’s filled with fierce passions. Loyalty, intuition, and emotional wisdom lie beneath the surface. Her feelings go from zero to 100 in a heartbeat, yet she handles life’s chaos with resilient control.

The Mysterious Nature of The Scorpio Moon Woman

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Her Independence Is Everything

The Scorpio moon woman is fiercely independent and values her freedom. She doesn’t like being told what to do and resents any attempts to control her. At times, her strong self-sufficiency can make her seem aloof or detached. But for those she allows in, her devotion knows no bounds.

She Is Intense And Passionate

With her emotions and desires, the Scorpio moon woman feels deeply and passionately. She approaches life with an all-or-nothing attitude and expects the same intensity from her partners and loved ones. Mediocrity and superficiality bore her. She wants deep, transformative relationships that shape her soul.

She Can Be Secretive

The Scorpio moon woman is slow to reveal herself fully to others. She has a mysterious quality and closely guards her privacy and secrets. You have to earn her trust over time through loyalty and discretion. But once she opens up to you, she will share her deepest thoughts without restraint.

She Seeks Purpose And Meaning

She wants her life to have meaning and purpose. She is not content skimming the surface and seeks to understand the deeper reasons behind events. She wants her work, relationships, and contributions to matter in some larger way. Without purpose or passion, she feels unfulfilled.

Passion And Intensity

When it comes to relationships, the Scorpio moon woman does not do anything half-heartedly. She is deeply emotional and forms intense connections with her partners. Once committed, her devotion knows no bounds. She feels love passionately and seeks deep emotional and physical intimacy.

Jealous And Possessive

She can be jealous and possessive in relationships. She wants to merge completely with her partner and demands their full attention and loyalty. Betrayal and dishonesty are unforgivable in her eyes. She needs to feel like she owns her partner’s heart, mind and body. Compromise does not come easily to her, and she can be quite stubborn in relationships.

All or Nothing

For the Scorpio moon woman, it is all or nothing when it comes to love. She does not love casually or half-heartedly. When she commits to someone, she gives the relationship her all. She seeks a deep, spiritual connection with her partner. Surface level or casual relationships do not satisfy her intense need for intimacy. She is not afraid of the depths that true emotional intimacy can bring.

Passionate And Sensual

She is a passionate and sensual lover. She seeks intimacy that is emotionally, physically and spiritually fulfilling. She is attuned to her partner’s desires and needs, but she also expects the same level of passion and devotion in return. She embraces all aspects of sexuality and sensuality without inhibition or shame. For her, making love is a transformative act that merges two souls.

“The Stinger”

A Scorpio moon woman does not back down from confrontation easily. She can be intensely emotional, and her reactions are often disproportionate to the situation. When angered, her stinger comes out, and she aims for the vulnerable parts of her opponent. She holds grudges and has a long memory of slights and hurts.

Choose Your Battles Carefully

Do not engage in petty arguments or pointless debates with the Scorpio moon woman. She takes everything personally, and what you see as a casual discussion may be seen as a fight by her. Only address issues that truly matter to avoid excessive drama.

Do Not Attack

When a conflict does arise, do not attack or criticize the Scorpio moon woman. She will lash out defensively and then counterattack. Use “I” statements, speak calmly and rationally, and focus on how the issue makes you feel rather than attacking her character or behavior. Give her space to process what you’ve said before continuing the discussion.

Be Prepared For Intensity

This woman feels everything intensely, and conflict is no exception. Expect heightened emotions, anger, and aggression. Do not meet her at that level or you’ll quickly escalate the fight. Remain detached and composed. Let her vent if needed, then reframe the discussion around resolving the root issue once she has calmed down.

Forgive But Do Not Forget

While this woman may forgive in time, she rarely forgets. Do not repeat behaviors or mistakes that led to conflicts in the first place. Apologize sincerely when needed, give her space, and then make genuine efforts to rebuild trust and closeness. She can be a loyal and devoted partner, but only if she feels secure in the relationship.

From The Shadows: Her Dark Side

Scorpio moon tend to be an observant, private person. They closely watch everything around them, always seeking to uncover hidden truths. Yet they reveal little about themselves to others, preferring to stay in the shadows.

A Need For Depth And Intensity

They crave meaningful connections and profound experiences. Surface level conversations bore them. They want to dive deep into the depths of their relationships and explore life’s biggest mysteries. For them, intensity and passion are what make life worth living.

A Knack For Uncovering Secrets

They have a gift for seeing below the surface and sensing what’s really going on with people and situations. They tend to be adept at uncovering secrets and hidden motivations. While this can be useful, it may also make it hard for them to trust others completely. They worry about being deceived or betrayed.

A Tendency To Be Suspicious

Their secretive side means they may at times struggle with trusting others and can become suspicious of people’s motives. When wounded, they can close themselves off and retreat into their shell. Learning to balance intimacy and independence, and to not assume the worst in others, are life lessons that will help them find more peace and connection.

If you were born with Scorpio moon, it gives you a mysterious and complex personality. While not always easy, embracing all sides of yourself—both the secretive and the open—will allow you to build the meaningful life you truly desire.

Transformation And Rebirth

The Scorpio Moon woman goes through intense periods of transformation in her life. Like the mythical Phoenix, she burns away what is no longer serving her and rises from the ashes, reborn.

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Shedding The Past

The Scorpio Moon woman has a gift for reinventing herself. When she recognizes certain areas of her life are no longer fulfilling or situations have become stagnant, she purges them from her life without hesitation. Whether it’s a job, relationship, living situation or limiting belief, she is unafraid to release what is holding her back to make room for new growth.

Emerging With Wisdom

Each transformation and rebirth allows the Scorpio Moon woman to tap into a deeper well of wisdom and self-knowledge. While these periods of change can be emotionally difficult, she emerges on the other side with a stronger sense of self and purpose. The more she transforms, the more empowered and in tune with her inner strength she becomes.

Continual Evolution

For the Scorpio Moon woman, evolution is a lifelong journey. She is always seeking to improve herself through reflection and reinvention. There is a restlessness in her spirit that propels her forward, searching for greater meaning and understanding. While others may find stability and comfort in the status quo, she finds it through continuous growth and transformation.

Scorpio Moon Woman In Bed

Her passionate nature is most apparent in intimate relationships. In bed, this woman approaches sex with intensity and a desire for deep emotional connection. For her, physical intimacy is a means of bonding profoundly with her partner.

Highly Sensual

Scorpio moons are highly sensual and attuned to their physical senses. A gentle caress or whisper can send tingles down her spine. She pays close attention to her partner’s reactions and what stimulates them. Making love to a Scorpio moon woman is a full-body, multi-sensory experience. Her innate sensuality and ability to lose herself in the moment make her a memorable lover.

Emotional Depth

There is an emotional depth to a Scorpio moon’s sexuality that can be overwhelming for some. She wants all of you – body, mind and soul. Casual flings or one-night stands don’t satisfy her deep yearning for intimacy. She gives herself fully in the bedroom and expects the same level of passion and commitment from her partner. Emotional intimacy and trust are essential for her to feel fully comfortable expressing herself sexually.


The Scorpio moon approaches sex with an intensity that can seem almost obsessive. When she finds a lover who can match her depth of passion, she can be fiercely devoted and possessive. Her strong desires and willpower mean she knows exactly what she wants in bed and how to get it. At her best, she uses her keen intuition to anticipate her partner’s deepest desires and bring them to new heights of ecstasy.