Have you ever met someone who seems to notice every tiny detail? The kind of person who can spot a green screen in a video instantly or notice a speck of dust on a restaurant table? Chances are they have their Mars in Virgo.

Virgos are known for being organized, analytical, and keeping things neat and tidy. They have a knack for seeing what others miss. But when Mars, the planet of passion and aggression, is placed in the sign of Virgo, it changes things up.

While Virgos love to organize and clean, those with Mars in Virgo may do it out of frustration or anger. Kind of like how some people paint or work out when they’re mad – Virgos tend to clean. Even their attention to detail seems linked to when they’re feeling upset or stressed.

Mars represents sexuality and desire, too. So, even if someone’s sun sign is Gemini, Pisces or Cancer – in the bedroom, their Virgo Mars side may come out. They pay close attention to every sensual detail when things heat up between the sheets.

In The Bedroom

Virgo Mars sees intimacy as an art form, and they strive to master techniques that will maximize their partner’s pleasure. Don’t be surprised if they’ve read books on Tantric sex or the Kama Sutra. They want to be the best you’ve ever had. Their goal is to completely blow your mind, to discover you from head to toe. Nothing is off limits in learning what gets you going.

Hygiene and safety are also important to the Mars in Virgo lover. They will appreciate a shower together first, and protection like condoms is a must. What’s funny, though, is for all their neat freak ways, things can get pretty dirty between the sheets!

And let me warn you, it’s not a quickie with these Virgos. We’re talking hours of foreplay, slow-loving, afterglow chats. All the details are important to them. They live for feedback on what you loved best and making sure you’re fully satisfied. It’s a whole experience with these artistic lovers!

Attention To Detail

Virgos really pay attention to the details when it comes to intimacy. They notice all the little things that really turn their partner on – how you react when they touch the back of your knee or play with your hair – they file that away for later.

Their goal is to figure out everywhere that really gets your motor running and use that information to your advantage next time. A Virgo wants to take the time to learn exactly what you like. How you respond when they touch you here or there. They’re all about making you feel good and want to know your body better than you do!

While others may rush into things, a Virgo pays attention to their partner’s likes and dislikes. Then they use that knowledge to show you an amazing time. Pretty neat that they put in the effort to truly understand another person physically and emotionally.

Submissive or Dominant?

Mars in Virgo tends to be submissive, making their partner happy and satisfied in bed. Pleasing their person is a big focus. At the same time, they’re also open to switching things up – if their partner expresses interest in trying something new or taking the lead sometimes, Mars in Virgo folks seem willing to roll with it. Safety would be an important consideration for them though.

Overall, the placement doesn’t necessarily define someone as super kinky or not. People can have a wide range of sex drives depending on other astrological factors at play. You might meet Mars in Virgos that prefer more submissive roles in the bedroom, but also ones that are very dominant or passionate. And some individuals may feel more asexual.