You’ve probably heard of Lilith, Adam’s mythical first wife. He wanted Lilith to be subservient to him but she was having none of that. Well, Lilith plays a role in astrology, too, representing our repressed wild side.

When Lilith is in Taurus, she highlights the areas of life where you feel most stubborn and uncompromising. She can lead to power struggles in the houses she touches, but also help you embrace the darker aspects of yourself.

Lilith In Taurus: General Meaning

A Lilith placement is where you harbor deep inhibitions and insecurities. With Lilith in Taurus, you likely struggle with embracing life’s pleasures and your own sensuality. You may view physical or financial comfort as forbidden fruit.

This placement suggests issues with self-worth tied to money or attractiveness. You could oscillate between overindulging in decadence and strictly denying yourself enjoyment. The key is learning moderation and self-acceptance.

Once you make peace with Lilith’s energies here, you’ll gain confidence in your ability to attract abundance and enjoy earthly delights. You’ll spend less time harshly judging yourself or others for what they possess or how they look.

Lilith in Taurus craves stability but expects loss. But when you face your fears around scarcity or inadequacy, you can build security from the inside out. You’ll transform a lust for lavishness into an appreciation for simple pleasures, and you’ll value experiences over excess and find sustenance in life’s natural richness.

1st House

Lilith in Taurus in the first house indicates a strong, independent, and determined personality. You likely value stability, security, and material comforts. With Lilith in Taurus, you may have experienced issues around self-worth, possessions, and money during childhood.

As an adult, you likely come across as self-sufficient and grounded. You know your own needs and desires well and are not afraid to go after what you want. However, this determination can translate into stubbornness and reluctance to compromise at times. You may also struggle with greed or excess when it comes to acquiring possessions.

With Lilith in the first house, your rebellious nature is expressed through your personality and sense of self. You may have a tendency to act independently, go against societal norms, and define yourself outside of traditional roles.

2nd House

When the asteroid Lilith is placed in Taurus in your natal chart’s second house, it can point to issues related to values, finances, and material needs. Taurus is the sign that rules money and possessions, while the second house relates to personal resources and self-worth.

With Lilith in Taurus in the second house, you may struggle with issues of self-esteem that are tied to your finances and what you own. There can be a feeling that you are not financially secure enough or that you lack valuable material possessions. This placement can show a childhood wound around not having your basic needs for security and comfort met.

As an adult, you may have issues around controlling or hoarding money and things. Your sense of self-worth can become too tied up in the size of your bank account or the stuff you accumulate. This can attract unhealthy relationships around sharing finances or material goods.

3rd House

Lilith in Taurus in the 3rd house can indicate a complex relationship with communication and self-expression. On the positive side, Lilith in Taurus brings creativity, stability, and practicality to your communication style. You may have a talent for writing or speaking in a grounded, factual manner.

However, Lilith also represents rebellion, darkness, and taboo. In Taurus and the 3rd house, this could point to issues with stubbornness, fixed ideas, and possessiveness in your communication. You may struggle with expressing yourself in a flexible way and finding compromise in discussions with others.

With Lilith in the 3rd house, you likely had difficulties communicating openly and authentically as a child. This could be due to a repressive family environment or a lack of validation of your self-expression from caregivers. As an adult, you may still struggle with feeling truly seen and heard by others.

4th House

Having Lilith in the 4th house of Taurus can indicate a complex relationship with home and family. On one hand, Taurus is a stable and grounded earth sign that seeks security and comfort. The 4th house rules home, roots, and foundations. So there may be a strong desire for stability, tradition, and harmony in your personal life.

However, Lilith’s presence also suggests an unconventional or rebellious side to your home life. Lilith represents the shadowy, taboo parts of ourselves. In Taurus, this could relate to material desires, sensual pleasures, or the accumulation of wealth. There may have been times you went against family values or traditions in pursuit of comfort and luxury.

Lilith in the 4th house often indicates difficulties in the relationship with one’s mother. There could be feelings of rejection, abandonment, or resentment. You may have had to become self-sufficient or independent at a young age. At times, you may rebel against staying within the constraints of home and family. There is a need for more autonomy and self-expression.

5th House

Taurus is an earth sign ruled by Venus, the planet of love, beauty, and material pleasures. The fifth house relates to creativity, romance, pleasure, and having fun.

With this placement, you likely value stability, security, and practicality in your romantic relationships and creative pursuits. You tend to prefer more traditional approaches to romance and dating. Material comforts and pleasures are important to you, and you seek out partners who can provide that.

Your creative expression tends to be grounded and down to earth. You enjoy activities that stimulate your senses like food, music, art, and nature. Working with your hands and creating something tangible is very fulfilling and satisfying for you.

6th House

Black Moon Lilith in Taurus in the sixth house indicates a desire for stability and security in your work and daily routine. You may struggle with finding balance between your health, duties, and responsibilities. On one hand, you crave comfort and pleasures of the material world represented by Taurus. On the other hand, the sixth house relates to service, duties, and health.

You may have issues with overindulgence related to food, comfort, and material possessions. There can be a tendency to procrastinate or avoid duties you perceive as monotonous or unpleasant. You value comfort and stability at work but also desire more freedom and independence. There may be conflicts between your desire for routine and structure versus your need for self-expression at work.

Your health regime may be inconsistent, alternating between periods of excessive indulgence and attempts at discipline. Finding a balanced and sustainable daily routine can be a challenge. With Lilith in Taurus, you likely have strong aesthetic tastes that you want to express through your work and surroundings. However, the sixth house relates more to duties and service, so you may struggle to find an outlet for your creative desires in your daily work and responsibilities.

7th House

Lilith in the 7th house of your natal chart indicates that relationships play an important role in your life journey. Lilith in Taurus highlights themes of stability, practicality, and security in your relationships.

The 7th house rules partnerships, marriage, and one-on-one interactions. With Lilith here, your relationships may be challenging at times and bring up your shadow side. However, facing these difficulties can help you grow and transform.

Issues around jealousy, possessiveness, and controlling behaviors can arise with this placement. Remember, true security comes from within and cannot be provided by another person. Fall in love with yourself first.

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8th House

This placement can create an intense and complex energy. Taurus is ruled by Venus, the planet of love, beauty, and possessions. Taurus people tend to be sensual, practical, and value stability and security.

The 8th house relates to intimacy, sexuality, transformation, regeneration, and taboo topics. With Lilith in the 8th house, there can be a strong desire for intimacy that goes beyond surface-level connections. You may crave deep emotional and spiritual merging with a partner. However, there could also be issues around control, jealousy, and possessiveness cropping up in intimate relationships.

Lilith in Taurus can amplify these traits, bringing intensity to matters of intimacy, sexuality, and finances within partnerships. There can be a strong craving for physical pleasure and sensual experiences. But Taurus’ fixed earth energy can also make it hard to let go of comforts and possessions, even within relationships. Jealousy and insecurity around sharing or losing material resources could be themes.

The 8th house often relates to shadow aspects of the psyche, so Lilith here can symbolize repressed desires around intimacy, control, and security that seek release and healing.

9th House

With this placement in the 9th house of philosophy, higher learning, and broad perspectives, a few things may be highlighted. You may struggle with indulgence and overindulgence in your spiritual or philosophical pursuits. There can be a desire for material comfort and pleasures even within your search for meaning and wisdom. Taming this shadow aspect involves finding balance between the physical and the spiritual.

Your rebellious nature may express itself through rejecting or challenging conventional wisdom, dogma, and tradition. You seek your own truth based on what feels right to you, not just what you’re told. This individual path can bring insight but also isolation at times.

Also, your desires for stability and security may clash with the expansive and exploratory 9th house themes. You may crave familiarity and routine even as you pursue knowledge and travel.

10th House

Lilith in the tenth house of your natal chart suggests that you have a complex relationship with authority and power dynamics. With Lilith in Taurus, your sense of self-value is tied to material and financial security. You may seek stability through accumulating wealth, possessions, and professional status. Yet, this quest for external validation can also cause issues with pride, ego, and jealousy. There is a shadow side to your ambitions that stems from feelings of inadequacy and a need for worldly success to prove your self-worth.

In the tenth house of career and public image, Lilith in Taurus highlights your shadow issues with authority. You likely crave professional recognition but may struggle with taking direction from others, especially if you perceive criticism as a threat to your sense of self. There can be a stubborn or possessive streak that resists sharing power, credit, or the spotlight with others.

11th House

The 11th house relates to groups, community, networking, and friendships. With Lilith in the 11th house, themes of not fitting in, feeling excluded from groups, struggling to find your tribe, and wanting a sense of belonging within a community can arise. There may be challenges around feeling valued and accepted by friends and peers.

However, Lilith in Taurus in the 11th house can also motivate you to work on developing self-worth from within, rather than seeking validation from others. Taurus energy can help you cultivate stability, value the simple pleasures in life, and embrace a more grounded sense of self-worth.

Lilith in Taurus in the 11th house can be a call to develop a stronger, inner sense of self-worth and value – one that is stable and grounded in who you truly are, rather than how others see you.

12th House

Taurus is a fixed earth sign that’s all about stability, comfort and security. The 12th house represents hidden matters, so having Lilith here can make you crave privacy for your intimate relationships and desires. You may prefer to keep certain aspects of yourself secret and hidden from public view.

Lilith in Taurus can signify unmet desires for physical comforts, beauty, luxury and tangible pleasures. The 12th house can make these needs unconscious or hidden, so you may not be fully aware of what’s missing for you on a material level.

Let’s not forget that Taurus rules relationships and physical intimacy, so Lilith here can point to difficulties with vulnerability, closeness and sexual expression. The 12th house obscures these challenges, so you may struggle to consciously identify and work through blocks around intimacy.

Embrace The Chaos

Lilith definitely keeps things interesting no matter where she goes. Her stubborn and sensual side comes out however the situation calls for it. But one thing is for sure, with Lilith around you can count on things getting a lot more exciting. When she stirs things up, see it as a chance to try new things. Lean into the changes she sets in motion and use the disruption as a way to improve yourself. My advice? Embrace the chaos she causes – that’s what makes her – HER.