Venus square Pluto transit is here to shake things up. This cosmic clash between love and power can turn your world upside down, but don’t panic! It’s all part of the cosmic plan to help you grow. You might find yourself diving deep into the murky waters of your emotions, questioning everything you thought you knew about love and desire.

Venus-Pluto Square Transit

When Venus squares Pluto, you’re in for an intense ride! This cosmic matchup is bringing some seriously powerful energies that are guaranteed to shake up your relationships and what’s really important to you. It’s like Cupid decided to give your love life and bank account a total makeover without even asking if you’re ready.

One minute, you’re probably cruising along and the next, BAM, everything is up in the air! Your significant other might start acting all weird and possessive out of nowhere. Money could suddenly get very tight without any warning. Loyalties will be tested and secrets might even come out.

Brace For Transformation

During this transit, you might feel like you’re on an emotional rollercoaster. One moment, you’re loving everything, and the next, you’re doubting it all. It’s totally normal to feel a little extra about someone when you’re into them, too.

Just know that these ups and downs won’t last forever – this transit is only temporary. Venus is zooming across the sky pretty fast so the effects of this little transit are only going to be for a few days maximum.

Dig Deep Into Your Values

Venus square Pluto isn’t just about romance – it’s also about your personal values and self-worth. You might find yourself reassessing what’s truly important to you. Maybe that designer handbag doesn’t seem so crucial anymore, or perhaps you’ll realize it’s time to ask for that raise you deserve.

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The Shadow Side

This transit has a knack for bringing hidden issues to light. Those relationship problems you’ve been sweeping under the rug? They’re likely to pop up now. It’ll probably be awkward, but dealing with things straight up can help you and your people really bond. This transit can feel like a lot, but ultimately, it’s about changing for the better and becoming closer.

The Intensity

You might feel like you’re drowning in a sea of feelings. That’s normal! Instead of fighting it, try to ride the wave. These intense emotions are like a spotlight, illuminating parts of yourself you might not have noticed before. It’s a great chance to really think about who you are and what really matters.

Watch Out For Obsession

It’s easy to get a bit fixated during this transit. Whether it’s a crush, a creative project, or that leftover pizza in the fridge, try to keep things in perspective. Take a deep breath and ask yourself “Is whatever this is really worth all the worrying?” What I mean is, it’s normal to feel more attached to people or food during this transit. But make sure you don’t overdo it with either!

Channel That Passion

All this intensity can be overwhelming, but it’s also a goldmine of creative energy. Why not use it to your advantage? Pour your heart into your art, your work, or your relationships. Just remember to take breaks – you’re not the Energizer bunny!

Bottom Line

This transit can feel weird and unsettling. Your friendships, relationships, money, and what really matters to you are going through some major shifts right now. But you know what? Sometimes, we have to get a little uncomfortable if we want to grow. Use this as a chance to really look inside and confront the things about yourself you don’t really like to look at. It’s not always easy, but if you do the work, you’ll come out the other side even better.