People born under the sign of Aries have a reputation for being quite impulsive and always wanting to be the first ones to try something new. Those born in March can be proper go-getters who are always on the move and just have to keep busy. The ones born in April though, they’re much more relaxed about the whole thing if I’m honest. They’ve still got that Aries spirit, but they seem to spend more time chilling out and not always rushing around like the March crowd.

The Key Differences Between March And April Aries

Born Leaders With Different Approaches

If you know an Aries born in March, you know they love being in charge. These rams are determined leaders who will stop at nothing to accomplish their goals. April Aries, on the other hand, tend to be a bit more easygoing. While still ambitious, they prefer collaborating and valuing teamwork over an authoritarian approach.

Adventurous vs. Homebodies

March Aries live for exhilarating new experiences, thrill-seeking, and pushing boundaries. Staying home for a quiet night in sounds like a boring nightmare to these rams. April Aries, though still energetic, tend to appreciate downtime and find comfort being surrounded by close ones at home. They lead active social lives but also value relaxation.

Quick Tempered vs. Patient

Patience is not a virtue for March Aries. These fiery rams have little tolerance for inefficiency or obstacles in their path. They tend to make quick judgments and get angry fast when faced with incompetence. April Aries tend to have more patience and empathy. They get frustrated, too, but are better able to stay calm and look at situations objectively before reacting.

Independent vs. Devoted

While all Aries value independence and freedom, March Aries take it to an extreme. They have little interest in commitment or being tied down, preferring to follow their own path. April Aries, on the other hand, make devoted partners and friends. Though still freedom-loving, they are able to find a balance between independence and nurturing close relationships.

March Aries: Impulsive And Adventurous

If you were born between March 21st and April 19th, you’re a March Aries. You Rams are bold, impulsive and love taking risks. Adventure is your middle name. You love trying new thrilling activities and pushing boundaries. Whether it’s extreme sports, spontaneous travel or risky business ventures, you’re always up for an adrenaline rush. Routine bores you – you need constant change and challenges to feel alive.

You Act First, Think Later

Patience is not your virtue. You tend to dive into situations impulsively without much planning. Your enthusiastic and optimistic nature means you always expect things to work out for the best. This “act now, deal with consequences later” mentality often gets you into trouble though. Learning to slow down and evaluate options before leaping will benefit you greatly.

You Have A Short Temper

As quickly as your passions ignite, so does your anger. Your fury is intense but also fleeting. You have a tendency to snap at others in the heat of the moment, only to forget why you were even upset an hour later. Controlling your anger and finding healthier ways to express frustration are life lessons all Aries struggle with.

You Love Being The Leader

Aries is a natural born leader. You have a take-charge attitude and the charisma to motivate others. When there’s a new project or initiative, you eagerly volunteer to head it up. You thrive on challenge and responsibility. The downside is you can be bossy, impatient and dislike taking direction from others. Learning to compromise and be part of a team is key to your success and relationships.

April Aries: Patient And Reserved

Aries born in April, the second decan, tend to be more patient, reserved and cautious compared to their March counterparts. As the fiery ram of the zodiac, Aries are typically known for being assertive, impulsive and headstrong. However, April Aries have learned through life experiences to slow down, think before acting and consider how their words or actions might affect others.

Careful Decision Makers

April Aries are careful decision makers. They prefer to weigh all their options and possible outcomes before choosing a path forward. Their natural Aries initiative and enthusiasm are balanced by logic and pragmatism. Once an April Aries has made up their mind, they feel confident in their choice and see things through to completion. However, getting to that final decision can be an lengthy process of evaluation and risk assessment.

Value Emotional Connections

Born under the influence of Venus, the planet of love and relationships, April Aries highly value emotional connections with others. They tend to be romantics at heart and thrive on meaningful interactions and bonding with people who share their values and interests. While typical Aries can be accused of selfishness or egoism, April Aries are generous and giving towards those they care about. Their love and loyalty are hard-won but steadfast once established.

Appreciate Solitude

Despite their appreciation for personal relationships, April Aries also value their independence and solitude. They can be private individuals who like to keep certain aspects of their lives separate from public view or judgement. When pressures start to mount or life becomes too chaotic, an April Aries will retreat into their own company to recharge and renew their energy and optimism. A balanced lifestyle with equal parts social interaction and alone time is ideal for the April Aries spirit.

Same Sign, Different Energy

The March Aries lot tend to be proper daredevils who’ll jump right in without thinking things through too much. But April Aries are a tad more careful before getting stuck in. At the end of the day, though, they’re all Aries through and through – dead passionate, driven to succeed, and always up for a lively chat or doing something exciting. Next time you meet another Aries, it’s worth asking if they were born in March or April. Knowing that little bit can give you some insight into what makes them tick.