Have you ever wondered if you were royalty in a past life? Do you often feel like your everyday routines are too simple and boring? It’s like there’s a part of you that wants something grander. Well, you might just have been a king or queen long ago!

If a lot of these signs sound familiar, you could have lived a past life as a royal. Imagine wearing fancy clothes, ruling over your lands, and having everyone treat you with the utmost respect. As crazy as it may sound, being reincarnated is possible. You might have really been a monarch in a previous era.

Palaces Feel Like A Home To You

You’ve always felt a strange sense of familiarity when visiting old palaces, castles, and ruins. It’s a feeling that’s difficult to describe – like suddenly being transported back in time. 

As you wander the halls, taking in all the intricate details, it’s almost as if you can sense the echoes of lives once lived within those very walls. 

The ornate furniture, polished marble floors, grand staircases – they all seem to tell stories of their own. And sometimes, if you listen very carefully, it’s like the statues and portraits are speaking to you, sharing secrets from ages past. 

If the relics of royalty resonate so deeply within your soul, you could have been part of the court in a previous life. Who knows, in a past era, you may have lived and loved within those very walls as a prince or princess!

You Have An Affinity For Luxury

Another sign that you may have been royalty in a past life is a strong attraction to luxury, even if you can’t currently afford it. Many people enjoy beautiful things, but for some, the pull of opulence goes beyond a normal appreciation for aesthetic pleasures.

If you find yourself drawn to lavish objects, decor, and experiences in a way that others don’t seem to understand, it may be a sign of past life memories. You have an affinity for high-end fashion, decor, and accessories, even though they are out of your price range.

You appreciate fine craftsmanship and attention to detail, finding beauty in ornate designs and embellishments. You are drawn to the sight and feel of sumptuous fabrics, gleaming metals, and elegant styles typically associated with royalty. When you see luxury items in stores, they call to you on a deep, almost primal level that others don’t seem to share.

Perhaps you even daydream about living an opulent lifestyle, surrounded by the trappings of wealth. Images of palaces, servants, banquets, and lavish parties arise spontaneously in your mind. You fantasize about owning the most exquisite objects and wearing the finest clothes. A sense of familiarity and rightness accompanies these daydreams as if they are memories rather than flights of fancy.

Urge To Control People

Even if you don’t consciously want to dominate people, there seems to be an innate desire within you to dictate and have authority over others. You likely enjoy being the boss and making decisions for groups. Taking charge comes naturally to you, and delegating responsibilities to others feels right. You tend to assume leadership roles in social and professional settings instinctively.

A drive for leadership can be healthy, but in this case, it may point to past life memories of being in a position of power over many people. As a king, queen, or aristocrat in a former incarnation, you were used to ordering others around and having your commands followed without question.

This ingrained sense of authority can carry over into your current life, leaving you with a need to be in control and have people listen to your directives. Even if you don’t actually want to dominate others, an impulse to dictate and lead seems to arise from deep within your psyche.

People Often Ask For Your Advice

Many of us feel the occasional need to seek guidance from others we respect and trust. But if this happens to you frequently and spontaneously, with people treating you like a natural source of wisdom and insight, it could indicate you were someone of high status in a previous incarnation.

When people come to you for advice, they may treat you with a certain deference and respect, as if your opinion carries more weight. They may listen intently to your words and act on your recommendations. People from all walks of life, not just close friends and family, tend to value your perspective and counsel.

“Think Big” Mindset

Have you ever felt like you could achieve anything, even when circumstances seem stacked against you? That you think big, aim high, and believe the impossible is possible? This could be a sign you were royalty in a past life.

Those who were born into privilege and power, like kings and queens, develop a certain mindset where they feel destined for greatness. Major achievements and accomplishments seem natural, not out of reach. Even during difficult times, the belief that they can rise above and overcome remains.

This royal mindset can carry over into future lives. Many people with past life memories of being royal report feeling like they can achieve anything, conquer any obstacle, and accomplish major goals. They aim high, thinking big from a young age. Nothing feels impossible for very long.

If you find yourself thinking big, shooting for the stars, and believing you can achieve major success – even when the odds seem stacked against you – take it as a sign of your royal spirit. You may have been a king, queen, or royal in a past life, and that fearless, ambitious mindset remains within you today.

Attraction To A Specific Era

Many people who believe they were royal in a past incarnation report feeling inexplicably drawn to a certain time period, culture, or place that matches up with where and when they think they may have lived before.

For example, you may love everything about medieval Europe and the Middle Ages, from the castles and knights to the jousting tournaments and courtly love traditions, even though you have no family ties or obvious connections to that era today.

Or you could be fascinated by ancient Egypt and Egyptian history, spending much of your free time reading about the pharaohs and queens who ruled at that time. You may feel an emotional pull or sense of familiarity when looking at artifacts, fashion and architecture from that historical period that is difficult to explain based on your current life experiences.

This attraction to a specific era could signify that part of your soul remembers living during that time, perhaps even as a member of royalty.