You walk into your home and that familiar scent hits you – cinnamon! But it’s not holiday baking time. Nope, you’ve started a new ritual of blowing cinnamon around to attract more money into your life. Sound crazy? Maybe. But some swear cinnamon has mystical money-drawing powers.

I’ve been doing this cinnamon ritual for years now and I have to say, it seems to have worked for me. I’m feeling lucky and things have been going well financially. Best part? All it takes is some basic cinnamon powder, which is cheap and you can find it just about anywhere.

Why Cinnamon?

According to feng shui principles, cinnamon has the power to attract wealth and prosperity. Burning cinnamon-scented candles or incense, especially near entryways to your home, helps draw money in. The sweet, spicy aroma of cinnamon resonates at a high frequency, which feng shui practitioners believe attracts abundance.

In aromatherapy, cinnamon essential oil is known to perk up your mind and keep you feeling sharp. This can help you notice new opportunities to make some cash. Diffusing the oil around your place or rubbing a few drops mixed with carrier oil on your wrists may spark fresh ideas and motivation to chase down promising leads.

For a little magical money ritual, write how much money you want on a cinnamon stick and stash it in your wallet. Or sprinkle some ground cinnamon in there. Many people say this simple spell will attract the exact amount. As the stick dries out, your funds flow in. Replace it every few months to keep the cash coming.

How To Use Cinnamon To Manifest More Money

Gather Your Supplies

The first thing you’ll need is ground cinnamon. Get the freshest jar you can find – cinnamon loses potency over time.

Set Your Intention

Take a moment to sit quietly and visualize the money you desire coming into your life. See yourself earning, receiving and enjoying that money. Feel the gratitude and excitement. Let those positive emotions fill you up. If you want, you can write down how much you trying to get on a piece of paper and stick it in your pocket while you’re doing this ritual.

Spread The Cinnamon

It’s time to get that cinnamon sprinkled around the house. Start by putting some on your front doorstep, that’s always a good spot since it’s like the doorway for money to come into your home.

You can also put some in places related to finances, like your wallet or home office. As you spread it around, say things like “money is flowing to me easily and regularly.” Talk about it like it’s already happening. The warm cinnamon smell will help the energy of your words.

If this is your first time trying one of these money rituals, I’d say just focus on your doorstep. That front entrance is a great place to welcome more money in. But if you’ve done this before or have extra cinnamon, you can put it in other places around the house, too, wherever it feels good to you.

Other Cinnamon Money Spells And Rituals

Blow Cinnamon Into The Air

One of the simplest cinnamon money spells is to blow cinnamon powder into the air in your home. As you blow the cinnamon, visualize money coming to you and abundance surrounding you. The sweet, spicy aroma of cinnamon activates your senses, and the visualization helps to manifest money and wealth.

Cinnamon Money Jar

Another easy spell involves creating a cinnamon money jar. You’ll need a jar, cinnamon sticks, whole cloves, bay leaves, and coins. Place the ingredients in the jar in the following order:

  • Cinnamon sticks – for prosperity
  • Cloves – for wealth and fortune
  • Bay leaves – for success and money
  • Coins – real money attracts more money

As you add each ingredient, focus your intention on attracting wealth and abundance. Seal the jar and place it in a spot where you see it often, like an office or entryway. Shake the jar once a week to keep the energy flowing.

Cinnamon Bath Ritual

For a powerful money manifesting ritual, draw a warm bath and add 1/2 cup Epsom salt and 1 tablespoon cinnamon essential oil or ground cinnamon. As you bathe, visualize money coming into your life in expected and unexpected ways. Feel gratitude for the abundance you already have and will receive. After bathing, do not rinse off—let the cinnamon oil soak into your skin.

This ritual will cleanse your energy and also act like a magnet to attract money and opportunities your way. Plus, cinnamon smells great! So you’ll be smelling fresh after your bath, too.

I Love This Ritual!

Do you know what I really appreciate about this cinnamon ritual? That all you need is something as simple as cinnamon. It’s super affordable, you can get it just about anywhere, and it smells great while also being good for you. Instead of spending a ton of money on some expensive online courses about getting rich, why don’t you just give this a shot? You’ll save your cash and eventually attract abundance, too. Blowing cinnamon for prosperity is something you should definitely try.