Even the toughest Scorpio men have soft spots when it comes to love. But if you get to know what really gets under his skin, you’ll be able to bring out his sweet side.

The Scorpio Man’s Insecurities

Scorpio men have a reputation for being mysterious and intense in relationships. Even though they try to act all confident on the outside, they often struggle with some deep insecurities on the inside. A lot of it comes from issues with trust and a real fear of getting betrayed.

Trust Is Hard To Earn

Scorpio men value being upfront and loyal in a relationship. The problem is that their natural skepticism makes it hard for them to believe people at first. If they’ve been burned before by exes or friends, that’ll make anyone second guess opening up to someone new.

They Crave Intensity

Scorpio men thrive on passion and intensity in relationships. They won’t be happy with something casual or shallow for too long. They want to be all in, heart and soul. If you seem checked out or not fully there, your Scorpio partner might get anxious, thinking you aren’t interested anymore.

Fear of Loss of Control

Scorpios like to feel in control, especially in relationships. The thought of relying on someone else or being vulnerable in love stirs up feelings of panic. Your Scorpio partner might start manipulating things or getting jealous just to feel more in charge again.

Jealousy Over Your Attention

The Scorpio man wants to be the main focus of your life. If he feels like he has to compete with your friends, family, or other interests for your time and love, it can really make him question things. You don’t need to ditch everything else completely, but when you’re with him really make him the priority.

Lack of Intimacy

For the sensual Scorpio man, intimacy is essential for feeling secure in a relationship. If things start getting less passionate or you’re turning down his moves in the bedroom, it’ll probably make him feel real insecure and question where things are at. Making time for intimacy and being open about what you both want and like is key with this mysterious water sign.

How To Support Your Scorpio Man When He Feels Insecure

Scorpios are usually very confident, but even he has those times when he’s not feeling so sure of himself, especially when it comes to relationships. When he’s in one of those moods, he really needs you to be there for him. He needs your reassurance that you’ve still got his back and that he can trust you.

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Reassure Him of Your Love

Show him how much you care. Give him some extra affection, tell him nice things about himself, and get close to him physically. Hearing “I love you” and why you think he’s so great will help calm any worries he’s got. Make eye contact, hold his hand, hug him tight – basically anything you can do to strengthen the emotional and physical connection you guys have.

Listen Without Judgment

When your Scorpio man is opening up about his insecurities, listen without being judgemental. Make sure to put yourself in his shoes and let him know you get why he’s feeling that way. Say something like “Yeah, I can see why you’d feel like that.” Let him get everything off his chest at his own pace. Just giving him your support without criticizing what he’s saying can really help ease what’s eating away at him.

Help Him Refocus On The Positive

Try boosting his mood by pointing out the bright side of things and getting him to look at his situation from a more upbeat angle. Remind him of all the amazing qualities he’s got and the great things he’s achieved in the past. Let him know that whatever’s bothering him now is just a phase and better days are ahead. Your good vibes and faith in him will do wonders in lifting his spirits back up.

Be There For Him

His intensity is a huge part of what makes him so magnetic, but it can also make him insecure in love. If you’re with a Scorpio, don’t forget to remind them that being vulnerable is part of any real connection. Also, keep the lines of communication open like with any relationship.