You’re in a twin flame relationship. The energy is intense, the connection undeniable. But now, your twin flame has become the runner – they’re the one pulling back emotionally while you chase after the connection you once shared. You’re confused, hurt, wondering why the roles have reversed. What happened to the magical relationship you thought you had?

But here’s the thing: this role reversal is totally normal and even necessary in the twin flame journey. The runner becoming the chaser is all part of the dynamic, and it’s actually an opportunity for growth and healing for you both.

Why Would Runner Turn Into Chaser

The runner avoiding the connection is now feeling drawn to pursue it. What changed? Several factors are likely at play:

  • Their feelings intensified. The more you try to ignore the twin flame bond, the stronger it gets. The runner couldn’t escape those deep feelings and soul longing.
  • They felt the chaser’s absence. As the chaser stopped chasing, the runner began missing them terribly. The chaser’s loving energy had become like oxygen, and its loss created an ache. That’s when twin flame runner becomes a chaser. The runner feels the chaser’s absense.
  • They evolved spiritually. The runner underwent spiritual growth and awakening. They became more self-aware and open to the twin flame union. Their fears and resistance began to fade.
  • Life events led to awakening. Difficult life events often act as catalysts for change. The runner may have faced health issues, loss, or crisis that sparked soul searching. This can ignite spiritual growth and a desire for meaning – found in the twin flame.
  • Regret set in. The runner likely came to regret leaving the chaser and the opportunity for a profound spiritual partnership. They saw the chaser as “the one that got away” and want another chance.

Could It Be Because The Chaser Gave Up On The Runner?

When the twin flame runner realizes the chaser has given up and moved on, they often turn into the chaser. After all, runners crave the connection with their twin flame but are afraid of the intensity of the relationship. Once the chaser surrenders and shifts their energy and focus away from the runner, the runner feels this energetic shift.

The runner may start to miss the chaser and regret running away from the connection. They see now that the chaser gave them space when they needed it, and offered unconditional love and support. The runner comes to understand that this kind of spiritual partnership is a rare gift. Panic and fear of loss set in, spurring the runner into action.

Now the roles are reversed – the runner chases after the chaser, trying to rekindle the connection and win them back. The runner expresses a desire for a fresh start and pleads for another chance at the relationship. They are willing to do the inner work required for growth because they see now what they stand to lose if they don’t.

The chaser is often open to reconciling with the runner, especially if the runner shows through actions and consistency that they are committed to personal growth and building a healthy relationship. However, the chaser will not simply pick up where things left off. Trust must be rebuilt, and issues that caused the initial separation must be resolved. With open communication, willingness to understand each other, and a shared goal of union, the twin flame relationship has a chance at success.

The Twin Flame Runner And Chaser Dynamic

When the runner suddenly turns into the chaser, it can throw you for a loop. After all, you’ve probably spent a good amount of time and energy coming to terms with their avoidance of the connection. But deep down, every twin flame pair longs to reunite – it’s an inevitable magnetic pull.

As the runner, they may have resisted the intensity of the bond and run from the vulnerability, intimacy, and deep spiritual growth that comes with twin flame union. But something – maybe a life event, awakening, or memory of you – has caused a shift. Now, they want to reconnect and pursue the relationship they once fled from.

  • They may show up unexpectedly, wanting to talk and work things out. Don’t be surprised if they seem emotional or anxious. Reassure them you understand why they ran and are open to rebuilding trust.
  • Expect them to be more open and honest this time around. They’ve gained clarity and are ready to face the depth of the connection. Really listen to understand their perspective.
  • Set healthy boundaries while also being compassionate. Forgive them for running, but don’t let them take advantage of you. Rebuilding trust and closeness will take time.
  • Look within yourself, too. Are you truly ready for the runner to now chase you? Make sure any lingering resentment or trust issues from the past are resolved before reconnecting fully.

With patience and open communication, the runner turning chaser can be an opportunity to start fresh and form an even deeper bond with your twin flame. But go slowly, and make sure this time, you’re both all in.

Bottom Line

While it may seem strange or confusing when the usual ‘runner’ twin flame suddenly becomes the ‘chaser’, this role reversal is actually quite common. It’s all part of the intense push and pull of this profound soul connection. If you find yourself in this situation, take it easy. Just trust in the process, focus on your own growth and inner peace, and have faith that everything will unfold as it’s meant to.