Ever woken up in the middle of the night and smelt burnt toast, even though there’s no toast in sight? Or maybe you’ve been out and about and caught a whiff of it, even though there’s no cafe or restaurant around? As unusual as it may sound, there are many people just like you who experience this kind of thing all the time.

A Spirit Guide’s Hello

Some believe phantom smells are a form of clairolfaction, or psychic smelling. Certain smells, like burnt toast or roses, could be a passed loved one’s way of communicating from beyond the veil. So, spiritually speaking, a burnt toast smell is a sign that the soul of someone who’s died is nearby.

Maybe when they were alive, they really loved toast, so sending the smell of toast is their way of letting you know they’re there and remembering how much they used to enjoy it for breakfast. Or maybe as spirits, they don’t have many ways of getting your attention, so making toast aromas appear is the best option.

Signs of A Spiritual Awakening

Phantom smells are also commonly reported during spiritual awakenings or energy shifts. As your intuition and senses open up, you become more attuned to input from spiritual sources. The smells are usually pleasant and calming, like flowers, sage, or sandalwood. They signify your transition to a higher state of consciousness and connection with the divine.

On the other hand, the smells of things we typically eat or drink in the morning, such as coffee or toast, could indicate a spiritual awakening. Much in the same way our morning coffee helps rouse us from sleep, or a toast with peanut butter gives us energy, these phantom smells may act as a gentle nudge to alert us that changes are occurring on a deeper level.

Our spiritual senses are said to become more keen during periods of growth and elevated awareness. Perhaps smell is one way our higher selves communicate that we are stirring from a state of unawareness into one of heightened consciousness and reconnection with spiritual truths.

A Warning From The Spiritual Realm

Certain spiritualists believe that phantom smells, especially unpleasant smells like burnt toast, are a message from the spirit world that the soul of the previous owner is trying to chat through the smells.

The soul might not be too pleased someone else is living in their house, so they let out some stinky smells to show it’s their place, not yours! Apparently, the soul is trying to tell the new owners that this place still belongs to the old owner, even in death.

It Could Relate To Your Energy Centres

In some spiritual circles, different smells correspond to different chakras or energy centers in the body. The smell of burnt toast is linked to the root chakra. That one is all about feeling secure and stable, having your basic needs met.

If you keep getting a whiff of burnt toast, it could mean that the chakra is out of balance. There might be some blockage bringing you down energy-wise. Meditation, reiki, or using crystals can help get your chakras back in balance.

Missed Opportunities

Smelling burnt toast could also be a sign you missed an opportunity or forgot about something important. The scent of burnt bread can act as a reminder from the universe, similar to how the burnt toast you forgot about in the kitchen reminds you of what you missed.

It may indicate you overlooked or forgot about a chance, a possibility, or an important lesson that was meant to come your way. Pay attention to any memories, thoughts, or ideas that arise when you smell burnt toast – they could provide clues.