Have you ever had your right ear start randomly ringing out of nowhere? It can definitely be irritating and weird when it happens. But did you know some people think it means something spiritual when your right ear rings?

I know that sounds kind of out there, but a lot of cultures and spiritual beliefs associate right ear ringing with getting messages from something higher up or signs about your life. Here are a few possible meanings behind it. See which one feels most right to you.

Messages From The Spirit Realm

Ringing in the right ear could be a signal from spirit guides or angels. They’re trying to get your attention and let you know that they’re listening and have your back.

Some people will see angel numbers on clocks a lot or keep hearing the same song on repeat. For you specifically, your angels decided that a ringing in the right ear would be their way of telling you to be more open minded. It’s like they’re saying “Ppay attention and be more aware.”

A Loved One Is Thinking of You

Ringing in the right ear could also indicate that someone from the beyond is thinking of you. Our loved ones who have crossed over try to connect with us in little ways sometimes, like making one ear ring or playing certain songs on the radio. And since the right side of our body represents more masculine traits, it’s probably someone from your dad’s side of the family or your father himself.

Someone Talks Badly About You

I’m from Northern Europe originally, and people there believe that if your left ear starts ringing, it means someone is saying nice things about you. But if your right ear rings, it could mean they’re talking negatively or gossiping behind your back!

Someone Is Thinking of You

If your right ear is ringing, it can mean someone is thinking about you. Our thoughts give off these energy vibrations, and other people can sometimes feel them. The ringing in your right ear might be catching the vibrations from someone else’s thoughts of you.

The left side is more connected to feelings and emotions, while the right side is more neutral. So it could be that a friend, family member, or someone from your past is remembering you. It doesn’t necessarily mean a romantic interest, just someone thinking of you from time to time.

An Important Life Change Is Coming

Just as our ears pick up on vibrations in the physical realm, they also sense vibrations in the spiritual and emotional realms. If your right ear starts ringing, it could mean you’re evolving to a higher level of awareness.

When big changes are coming in our lives, our energy starts shifting even before things happen. And our ears are tuned into these vibrations. If a major change is coming, you may notice your ear ringing more during the day or especially when lying in bed.

Twin Flame Reunion

Twin flames are essentially like your other soulmate – the two halves that make a whole. A lot of times before twin flames find each other again, weird things will start happening to you. And one of those things can definitely be ringing in your ears.

Now here’s something interesting – your right side is supposed to represent more masculine traits. So if you’re a girl experiencing ringing in your right ear, it could mean your twin flame is a man. Or it could mean your twin flame is going help bring out your inner masculine side.


Your right side is all about taking action and being decisive, and if your right ear starts ringing, people see that as a kind of sign from the universe or your spirit guides that what you’re thinking about doing is the right call. For instance, if you’ve been mulling something over, and then your ear rings, that’s the universe’s way of saying go for it. It’s like a little green light to go ahead with whatever plan you’ve got in mind.

Good News

Again, since the right side represents masculine and strong traits, your right ear ringing could be a sign of good news heading your way. You might find out you’re pregnant, or that you’re getting a raise at work, or that you won a contest. There’s no telling what good thing you might hear!

Right Versus Left: The Difference It Makes

The Right Side

The right ear is linked to the left brain, which is the logical and analytical side of your mind. Ringing in the right ear could mean there’s an imbalance in how you perceive the world around you or the messages you’re receiving.

It may indicate you need to listen more closely to the intuitive, creative part of yourself. The right side of the body is also associated with masculinity, action, and the external world. Ringing here could signify too much focus on “doing” versus “being”.

The Left Side

In contrast, the left ear is connected to the right brain, which controls intuition, creativity, and emotion. Ringing in the left ear is thought to mean you need to pay more attention to the logical, practical side of a situation. The left side of the body represents femininity, your heart, inner wisdom, and the inner self. Ringing here could mean you need to take more action in your life or spend less time in solitude.

Our Advice

Before you jump to conclusions, try this little experiment. The next time your right ear starts ringing, jot down what you were thinking about at that moment. Keep notes over time and look for patterns. For example, were you thinking about an ex, a crush, cash, your health, or maybe pregnancy? Believe me, if you pay attention, you can start connecting the dots and figure out what your ear ringing means for yourself. It’s worth a shot!