You’re going about your day when suddenly, a song comes on the radio that reminds you of a loved one who passed away. Or you see a sign with their favorite number or catch a whiff of their perfume. It stops you in your tracks, and you can’t help but wonder – is this a sign they’re watching over you from heaven? Losing someone close to us leaves a hole in our hearts. But finding little reminders that they’re still with us can be comforting.

You Have Vivid Dreams About Them

If you’ve been having those really vivid dreams about someone you lost, it may be them checking in on you from the other side. Dreams are sometimes weird, but many people believe spirits can chat with us while we snooze. Think about what they’re saying in your dreams. Are they just trying to reassure you, or maybe point you somewhere?

Smelling Their Perfume

Smelling perfume of someone who passed away could be their way of letting you know they’re watching over you from heaven. It could be your grandma’s signature flowery scent or your dad’s aftershave. They’re sending you a little “hello” to let you know they’re still around, in a way.

Smelling Flowers Out of Nowhere

Sometimes, after someone passes away, you’ll catch a whiff of their favorite flowers, even if there aren’t any around. It’s usually something sweet smelling like roses or something with a bit of a woody smell to it. The next time you get a random smell of flowers from nowhere, it could be a sign that someone special is looking out for you from beyond.

You Keep Seeing Their Favorite Things

Maybe you spotted their favorite snack at the store, and it brought back memories. Or maybe you’ll notice the same kind of car they had driving down the street. These little reminders that seem perfectly timed are signs your loved one is still with you.

When you’re missing them intensely, their favorite things have a way of popping up to comfort you. It’s as if they’re letting you know they’re thinking of you, too.

Seeing or Hearing Their Name

When you hear that song your loved one really liked come on the radio out of nowhere, or you drive by that restaurant you always went to together – those little things are their way of saying hey from up above.

Those little reminders of them – when their name suddenly pops into your head or you see it somewhere, those are their way of letting you know they’re still looking out for you, even if they’re not here physically anymore. It shows that the connection you two had is still there in spirit.

You Receive Signs Through Animals or Nature

Have you noticed more birds or butterflies around lately? That can sometimes be a sign from someone who has passed away. Birds are like nature’s messengers from heaven. If a bird is acting weird near you or seems to show up out of nowhere, it could be your loved one saying hi or trying to comfort you.

Butterflies are said to symbolize change and personal growth, too, so if you start seeing more butterflies for no reason, it might mean the person who died wants you to know they made it over to the “other side.”

Also, pay attention to things in nature like sunlight through the trees, rainbows when you least expect it, or stars that shine extra bright. Or certain flowers, trees, or places that remind you of the person. Nature could be their way of letting you know they’re still looking out for you, since love doesn’t end even after we die.

You Get Answers And Guidance When You Ask Them For Help

Our loved ones who have passed are always looking out for us. When we ask them for guidance, they’ll definitely try to help us out.

Pay attention to songs on the radio, billboards while driving, bits of other people’s conversations, or any random thoughts that pop into your head. Your loved one may be using those things to give you advice, comfort, or answers to questions you have.

For example, let’s say you’re really struggling with a big decision at work and ask your grandma, who’s not with us anymore, to send you a sign about what to do. Later that day, a song comes on the radio with lyrics that seem to point to a specific choice. Or you suddenly remember something wise your grandma used to say that gives you the clarity you’ve been looking for.

These things aren’t just random coincidences. They’re loving messages from beyond, letting you know they still care. Our loved ones in heaven want the best for us. When we open our hearts to receive their help, they’ll find a way to provide it.

White Feathers

White feathers are usually seen as a sign of faith and purity, but if you ever see one just floating down from the sky or sitting in a weird spot, it could be a little reminder from an angel that you’re loved and being looked after.

It’s possible your loved one in heaven is leaving those feathers as like, heavenly business cards. Maybe they’re trying to comfort you, let you know they’re at peace now, or get you to think about them.

Repeating Numbers (Angel Numbers)

Maybe you keep seeing 222 or 444 on license plates, receipts or clocks. These repeating number patterns are signs from your guardian angels or spirit guides. They are sending you messages through these angel numbers.

For example, seeing 777 is supposed to mean you’re on the right track and your angels are cheering you on. Spotting 888 says good things like wealth and prosperity are coming. And 999 means you just finished one stage of life and are ready to start a new chapter. Seeing angel numbers everywhere is a sign your loved ones are watching over you.

Keep Your Eyes Peeled

Keep an eye out for more of those subtle hints. Maybe you and the person who passed shared a hobby like tennis – you might keep seeing tennis balls or tennis-related things. Or maybe they loved cats and now it seems like cats are drawn to you. Your loved one is always with you spiritually, looking out for you, keeping you safe, and cheering you on every step. Whenever you need a little reminder that you’re cared for, just look for the signs. They’ll be there for you.