You just got dumped by your boyfriend, and you’re totally heartbroken. All you want is to get him back, but your friends keep telling you that guys always come back after a breakup. At first, that sounds too good to be true, but after the crying and ice cream binges end, you start to wonder – do male dumpers really always come back? And if they do, what’s their deal? Why do they want to go out again after being the ones to call it off?

Why Male Dumpers Tend To Come Back Eventually

They Miss The Companionship

After some time apart, the male dumper starts to miss your company and the good times you shared. The excitement of being single again has worn off, and now he’s lonely and nostalgic for the companionship you provided. He begins to realize breaking up was a mistake.

They Regret Their Decision

In the days and weeks after the breakup, the reality of the situation sinks in. The male dumper starts to recognize that you were a “great catch” and partner. He sees how hard it will be to find someone as special as you. This makes him seriously regret ending things. Male dumpers always come back once they start regretting their decisions.

They’re Unhappy With Their New Situation

If the male dumper left you for someone else or started dating right away, he may eventually become dissatisfied in the new relationship. The flaws and differences become more and more apparent. This results in him longing for the comfort of your past relationship.

They Want A Second Chance

After enough time has passed, the male dumper may feel ready to try again with you. He hopes that you will give him another opportunity to make things right. Even if he hurt you, his feelings for you remained. Now, he wants the chance to prove he can do better and commit fully.

Life Circumstances Have Changed

Sometimes, people break up due to situations beyond their control, like job demands, family issues, or moving to a new place. When these circumstances change again in a way that allows for a relationship, the male dumper may come back hoping to rekindle what you once shared. He knows you have a history together and wants to see if the spark is still there.

How Long It Usually Takes For A Male Dumper To Return

Between 3 To 6 Months

There’s no set timetable, but you can expect most exes that dumped you to come back within 3 to 6 months. Why? By then, the excitement of being single again has worn off. They start missing you and realizing the grass isn’t actually greener. If it’s meant to be, this is usually when they’ll reach out to see if there’s still a spark.

Sometimes Up To A Year

For some guys, it can take up to a year for the reality to set in that breaking up was a mistake. They need time to sow their wild oats and enjoy their freedom. But after the novelty fades and life returns to normal, you’ll creep back into their thoughts. They’ll wonder why they let you go and start fantasizing about giving it another shot. If you’ve moved on by then though, they may be out of luck!

There Are Exceptions

Of course, there are always exceptions. Some exes never return. They move on for good and don’t look back. As tough as it is, you have to accept that and shift your focus forward. But many do boomerang back, even if it’s not until months or years later.

A lot of times, exes do come back, even if it takes them months or years to figure their stuff out. The timing is different for everyone. But if it’s meant to be, he’ll find his way back into your life. In the meantime just do you – work on being the best version of yourself.

Should You Take Back A Guy Who Dumped You?

Taking back an ex who dumped you can be tricky. On the one hand, you’ve already been there and done that with them, so there’s comfort in what’s familiar. But also, there’s probably still some hurt left over from the split. Before you dive back in, you have to really think it through. Think about the good and the bad, and weigh it all out to see if putting yourself through that again is really going to be worth it.

Pros: The Positives of Reconciliation

The main benefit of getting back together with someone who dumped you is the comfort of the familiar. You already know each other well and have a shared history, so it may feel easy to pick up where you left off. There’s also a chance the guy has realized you’re the one for him after being apart and will treat you better this time around. If the issues that led to the breakup have been resolved, your connection could be even stronger the second time.

Cons: The Risks of Repeating The Past

Taking an ex back has some serious things to think about. The main one is you could totally break up again. If you have never dealt with what caused the split before, it’ll likely happen all over. Rebuilding trust will be tough too, after getting your heart broken and all. Not to mention, it’ll be hard on your self-worth if you feel like the second choice. And if you were starting to feel better after the split, getting back with them could rip open those old wounds for sure.

Before you decide what to do, you really need to have a serious talk with your ex. You have to find out what exactly went wrong last time and how you all plan to do things differently now. Make sure you address all the issues from the past for real. And don’t let anybody pressure you into something you aren’t comfortable with. But if you truly think the relationship could be even better this time, taking another chance could lead to a happy ending.

Go With The Flow

If he was the one who broke things off, there’s a better chance he’ll come back around than if you were the one who ended it. Guys usually take longer to process a breakup, so sometimes they don’t realize what they lost until you’re gone. Yep, men are definitely different than us women. Give him his space and time to start missing you. While you do that, work on yourself so if he does come back around you’ll be an even better you. And if he doesn’t, then it just wasn’t meant to be, and you’ll already be taking steps to heal and move forward.