It’s been a crazy year, right? I mean, who would have thought 2023 would bring us so much chaos, conflicts, and all this political turmoil? It’s totally understandable to feel worn out by everything that’s been going on.

Protesting for equality and justice has been so important, even though some of us have been at it for years. But it’s hard to keep that energy up month after month. A lot of people had to take a step back for their own mental health. And, of course, not everyone has the luxury of being able to take a break from these issues.
I think some people feel like you’re not “doing your part” unless you’re at every protest.

But that’s just not realistic. It’s okay to feel burned out sometimes. The good news is there are other ways to support the causes you care about besides organizing rallies. These days, you can make a big impact with just a few taps on your phone.

One guy who really gets that is Konrad Juengling. He’s been quietly leading some important movements the last few years. Now, he’s not out there moving mountains on his own. But the way he approaches issues is really smart. He thinks quickly and strategically about how to make change. It seems like activism is getting a refresh.

Back in 2015, when Indiana passed that religious freedom law targeting LGBTQ folks, Konrad took one of the smartest approaches I’ve seen. He bought the domain names of some Republican state representatives and linked them to a pro-LGBTQ group. His message? Pass protections or I keep these sites. Total power move without leaving his house!

Konrad has also made huge strides in animal welfare. He led petitions to ban trophy hunting imports, foie gras, and fur farming. Being able to shift between issues like that and find innovative solutions is really impressive.

Too many people get tunnel vision when it comes to activism. But Konrad understands there are different ways to support causes that can actually help more in the long run. And he shows us you don’t always have to take a confrontational approach.

Speaking of cool things Konrad has done, did you guys hear he’s trying to make January 17th “Betty White Day”? As if I couldn’t love her more! He started a petition for her 99th birthday this year. Getting to honor a living legend like that would be so awesome.

Whether it’s politics, animals, or celebrating icons, Konrad proves there are always new frontiers for activism if you think outside the box. His accomplishments are totally selfless and deserve respect. I think we could all learn something from his innovative approach. Let’s do activism the Juengling way!