Feeling drawn to that charming Libra man in your life? Be careful, because they definitely have their flaws. Before you go all in on a relationship with him, you have to know what kind of flaws he’s probably rocking.

Libra Men Can Be Indecisive

Libras really struggle to make a choice sometimes. Even the little things will have them going back and forth for days. Where to grab a bite, what to watch, they’ll think about it endlessly. And bigger decisions? Forget about it. They’ll stress over the options, trying to make everyone happy.

It comes down to two things for them – keeping the peace and seeing all sides. They don’t want to upset anyone or cross anything off the list too early. And I get wanting to look at it from every angle, but it drives their people nuts, too. Friends and partners will be sitting there like, “Just pick something already!”. At some point, you just have to choose!

They Avoid Confrontation

Libra men really don’t like confrontation. They’ll do just about anything to avoid a fight. Keeping the peace is like their number one thing. And wanting to find a middle ground instead of conflict, well that can be nice sometimes. But in relationships, it often means they just kind of brush problems under the rug instead of dealing with them head on.

When a disagreement happens, Libra guys are more likely to give a superficial “it’s all good” just to get harmony back instead of really sharing how they feel. They also have a tough time saying no or setting clear boundaries. Always avoiding conflict and wanting to make everyone happy can build up resentment over time and get in the way of becoming really close.

They Can Be Superficial

There’s no secret that Libra guys really appreciate all things beautiful. They like harmony and balance. But sometimes that can make them a bit superficial – more focused on how things look than what’s really there.

Image and status are big deals for them, too. They want a partner that fits in well socially. And having a good match is important, but they might take it too far and only care how their other half makes them look to others.

Also, they love big romantic gestures and showing affection. But their charm might feel a little practiced or fake sometimes. They want to please for sure, but you may wonder if the compliments are really how they feel or just to impress.

Terrible Mood Swings

These guys have some serious mood swings. One minute, they’re all happy and charming, making you laugh and smile. The next minute, they seem all bummed out and spaced off in their own world.

See Libras, they live in their heads a lot since they’re an air sign. Their mood goes up and down based on what they’re thinking about and how they see things.

It don’t take much to change a Libra guy’s mood neither. If you say something that triggers his insecurity or gets him anxious, suddenly he’s all gloomy and irritable. He can go from being fun and playful to bringing everyone down with the flip of a switch. Their partners get real confused and frustrated too, cause they never know what’s gonna upset the delicate balance inside that Libra man’s head.

Flaky And Unreliable

Libra men hate confrontation and having difficult conversations. Because of that, they might agree to plans or promises without really following through later on. Don’t be surprised if your Libra buddy cancels last minute or just doesn’t show up at all. Instead of being straight with you about not wanting to do something, Libra guys will often just avoid it by flaking out.

Making plans with a Libra man can be frustrating. One day, he’s all excited and into it, but the next day, he might lose interest or motivation. Their moods change a lot, so what sounds good one day might not sound as good to them the next. But you know what? Their unreliability and mood switches say more about them than they do about you.


They don’t really like direct confrontation. They’d rather just kind of ignore problems instead of addressing them head-on. That dislike of conflict leads them to communicate in indirect ways sometimes. Like they’ll make subtle little comments or jokes that actually have an annoyed or resentful feeling underneath.

You might notice your Libra guy expressing when he’s annoyed with things like that. Or he may give you the silent treatment or be less affectionate when he’s upset about something. It’s like he’s trying to get a reaction out of you without actually having a proper discussion about what’s bothering him.


Food and drink are a big part of that for them. Your Libra guy probably enjoys making really fancy dinners, eating at upscale restaurants all the time, and opening expensive bottles of wine. But he can take it too far sometimes. Overspending without thinking or not considering the long run is for sure one of his bad traits.

You have to watch out if he’s insisting on gourmet meals and pricey alcohol every single night. That level of extravagance just isn’t sustainable long term – it’ll probably lead to weight gain or financial problems down the road. You may need to rein him in a little – suggesting simpler home-cooked food more often, only going out to eat once a week max, and choosing cheaper drinks when you do go out.


Libras have a reputation for putting things off. Since they’re an air sign, they really dig living in their head with different ideas and concepts. Actually doing things can be a struggle for them at times.

If you’re waiting on a Libra guy to make a choice or follow through on plans, be prepared for a long wait. Instead of jumping in right away, Libra guys want to consider all the angles and look at every possible option before deciding. Don’t get me wrong, being able to be even-handed and see all sides is cool. But it can lead to issues when it’s time to start something or deal with tough feelings. Procrastination is definitely one of the negative traits of Libra men.

Overdependence On Others

Do you know who has a tough time deciding stuff on their own? Libras! They really like hearing what other people think. They want everyone to get along and be happy, which is nice. But sometimes they forget about what they want.

It can be hard for them to think for themselves. They may have trouble choosing and just wait for other people to pick instead. That can make them seem a bit wobbly, like they don’t really know what they think. Libra guys do best when they have a strong person with them to give them a nudge in the right direction. But to really grow, they need to start trusting their gut and going after what they really want.


Being an air sign, they just love meeting new people and showering them with attention. Don’t be surprised if the guy you’re into is a total shameless flirt. He’ll probably be batting those big blue eyes at every halfway attractive woman that walks by. And you know he’ll be laying on the compliments thick, like handing out candy on Halloween. Seems like he’s always got a whole flock of girls fawning all over him, too.

Now, a little harmless flirting here and there is normal. But you have to watch out if he takes it too far. If he’s flirting all excessive-like, that probably means he just craves constant validation from women and has trouble committing to just one partner.

Make sure to let him know when his behavior is making you uncomfortable. See if he’s willing to tone it down some out of respect for your feelings. If not, you might need to decide if you can accept his flirty ways or move on to find a guy who’s actually looking for a serious relationship.

No Guy Is Perfect

When you’re with someone, it’s important to really understand them – both the good and the bad. Your Libra guy definitely has some things he could work on, but don’t we all? Try focusing on why you like him and decide if his flaws are dealbreakers or things you can look past. Relationships are all about give and take. At the end of the day, imperfections are what make us human.