You just went through a bad breakup with your Aries guy, and now you’re tempted to give him the cold shoulder. The impulse is understandable – ignoring his texts and calls can feel empowering after he hurt you. But before you ghost him completely, ask yourself this: what will the silent treatment really accomplish?

Sure, it may bruise his ego for a minute. But that stubborn ram will just put his head down and charge forward with his life, unfazed. Stonewalling him won’t speed up his feelings or your healing. And it definitely won’t bring him back begging for another chance.

It Won’t Make Him Chase You

Let’s be real, ignoring an Aries man after a break up is pointless. This bold sign hates being ignored and avoiding him will only make him angry, not win him back.

Aries men appreciate honesty and confidence. Playing coy and hard to get will seem like games to him, and he has no patience for that. If you want to reconnect, reach out and say so. Be open about missing him and wanting another chance. Your directness and sincerity will resonate much more with an Aries man.

He Forgets Easily

Aries men have a tendency to live very much in the present moment. The past doesn’t mean all that much to them – they’re always focused on what’s happening right now. So if you cut off all contact with your Aries ex, thinking that’ll make him reminisce about your relationship, I wouldn’t count on that working out too well. His mind doesn’t dwell on memories for long. Out of sight is quickly out of mind with these guys.

The best thing to do is act sooner rather than later if you want a chance at reconnecting. The more time passes without speaking, the more he’ll start to forget about you and what you had. Reach back out to him within a reasonable timeframe if you’re hoping to revive things. Waiting around isn’t a good strategy when it comes to Aries men.

Get in touch and re-express your interest before the memory of you fades too much. Otherwise, you run the risk that he may have moved on mentally by the time you make a move. Their attention span only lasts so long!

What Does Work On Getting An Aries Man Back After A Breakup

The best way to get your Aries man back after a breakup is by showing him what he’s missing. Don’t play games or try to make him jealous—that will only backfire. Instead, focus on bettering yourself by rediscovering your interests and passions.

Start a new hobby, hit the gym, get a makeover, and learn a new skill. Transforming yourself into an even more vibrant and confident person will make you irresistible to your Aries ex.

When you do reach out to your Aries man, be direct and honest about wanting another chance while also showing how you’ve grown. Tell him you’ve realized the mistakes that were made and want an opportunity to do things right this time.

Appeal to his sense of adventure by suggesting an exciting date where you can reconnect and rediscover the chemistry. Aries men live in the moment, so plan an activity he enjoys where you can make new memories together.

Your past is in the rearview mirror now. Look towards the future and show him the relationship can be better than before. Give him space when he needs it, but also be open to spontaneous encounters. Make him work for your affections to keep him engaged in the chase. Most of all, learn from your mistakes and be willing to compromise when needed to make the relationship even stronger.

When you focus on self-improvement and let your vibrant spirit shine through again, you’ll remind your Aries ex what drew him to you in the first place. You can definitely win him back for good.

My Advice

Don’t waste your precious time and energy trying to ignore your Aries ex after a breakup – it’ll get you nowhere. He certainly won’t care or even really notice. If you want to get his attention and maybe even get back together, you need a different strategy. Be direct, be bold, and appeal to his fiery nature. But if it’s really over, accept it and move on. Life is too short to play games. The stars will align when they’re ready, trust me.