If you’re interested in a Gemini man, but for some reason, you think ignoring him will make him want you more, let me stop you right there. That trick isn’t going to work on a Gemini. In fact, it will likely backfire.

Geminis hate to be ignored. They’re social (not necessarily extroverted) creatures who crave stimulation, newness, and communication. If you cut a Gemini man off, he’s not going to chase you. He’s going to get bored and move on to someone else who will give him attention.

Why Ignoring A Gemini Man Is Futile

A lot of people think that playing hard to get or giving the silent treatment will make a Gemini man chase after them more. But that really doesn’t work with these mercurial types. If they feel ignored or like you’re purposely being aloof, they’ll lose interest faster than you can blink. Geminis just can’t stand feeling left out of the loop, even if you don’t mean anything by it.

I had a friend who tried giving the cold shoulder to her Gemini boyfriend because she read in a magazine that it would make him crave her attention. Big mistake! He barely even noticed she was being distant before moving on to flirt with someone else. These guys need that mental connection and back-and-forth. If they don’t feel like you’re meeting them there, they’ll be on to the next distraction in no time.

It’s nothing personal most of the time. Geminis just get antsy when they’re not fully engaged or understanding what’s going on. The silent treatment is the quickest way to lose a Gemini’s interest. Your best bet is keeping the conversation flowing and meeting them intellectually. That constant stimulation is what keeps them hooked.

Yes, he might hit you up and ask what’s going on, but as soon as he gets the feeling that something’s off or that you’re deliberately giving him the cold shoulder, he’ll bail on you in a heartbeat. Geminis just can’t deal with being left in the dark, even if you don’t mean anything by it. Leaving him confused or unsure is an instant no-go. The second he picks up on you keeping him out of the loop on purpose, peace out – he’s gone.

They’ll Mirror Your Behavior

Geminis, being the twins of the zodiac, have a tendency to mirror the behavior of others. It’s almost like they’re looking right back at you through a mirror. Their dual nature means they can see things from multiple perspectives.

This mirroring behavior is especially true in relationships. If you’re interacting with a Gemini and decide to pull back or ignore them, they’ll likely do the same thing right back at you. Geminis don’t like feeling ignored or excluded. So, if you give them the cold shoulder, they’ll follow suit to match your energy.

On the flip side, if you engage with a Gemini and show genuine interest in what they have to say, they’ll mirror that interest right back at you. Talk to them, and they’ll talk to you. Smile, and they’ll smile. Ask them questions, and they’ll probably ask you questions, too.

After A Breakup

Ignoring a Gemini man after a breakup is pointless. He thrives on communication and mental stimulation, so if you cut him off and don’t talk to him at all, he’s automatically going to think that you’re just not interested in getting back together.

And it’s not that Geminis don’t have emotions. Of course, they have feelings too. But for a Gemini, being able to talk and connect on an intellectual level is so important. Communication is basically everything to them.

So if there’s all this silence and ignoring going on after the relationship ends, it’s going to be a huge red flag in his mind. He’s going to take it as a sign that you’re just not feeling it anymore. And can you really blame him for thinking that? I mean, who wants to be with someone who won’t even talk to them?

My advice would be don’t play games if you split with a Gemini guy. Don’t cut off all contact, thinking it will make him chase after you harder. Chances are it’ll just push him further away. These guys need that mental stimulation to feel close to someone.

No communication means no connection as far as they’re concerned. So keep the lines open if you want a chance to work things out down the road. Ignoring a Gemini is just not a good strategy.

Ignoring Him Is The Surest Way To Lose Him

Give a Gemini the cold shoulder, and he’ll quickly move on to someone else who will give him the attention and mental stimulation he craves. If you’re interested in a Gemini, the best approach is to dive in headfirst. Even just talking for a few minutes about random stuff, sharing ideas, making them laugh, really gets their brain going.

The more you pull away, the more he’ll pull away. The more you pour in, the more he’ll pour in. It may seem counterintuitive, but with a Gemini man, ignoring him is the surest way to lose him.