If your new crush is a Libra man, he may be putting you through your paces right now. Libras are all about balance and making sure things are equitable, so before he’s willing to make things official, he’ll want to see how you react in different situations. It’s all part of determining if you’re a match before he commits.

He’ll Want To Socialize With Her Friends

A Libra man likes meeting new people, so he’ll be excited to meet your close friends. He wants to get to know the folks who matter to you. Invite him out for drinks or dinner with your best friends, and he’ll have them liking him in no time.

His wanting to connect with your pals is also a way for him to learn more about you. He figures he can understand who you are better by seeing who you hang out with. Your friends have tales and views about you that he wants to hear.

Observing Reciprocity

In astrology, Libras are all about fairness and balance in relationships. He will be paying attention to see if you match his level of interest and effort. If he texts you, does he get a quick reply back? If he asks you to dinner, do you offer to plan the next date? If he gave you a gift or compliment, did you also give something in return or are you only accepting?

Planning Exciting Dates

Libras are an air sign so they love adventure, culture, and trying new things. If he floats the idea of doing something interactive like checking out a museum, hitting the dance floor or taking a cooking class together, get pumped! Doing activities together, usually something thrilling or different, is how he sees if you’re up for it.

He’ll Initiate Thoughtful Conversations

He really enjoys having interesting conversations about all sorts of things. He wants to see how well you can keep up with him mentally. Expect to have lively debates and exchanges of ideas when you talk.

He may ask you deep questions to get to know you better, like what’s important to you and what you want to achieve in life. He’s trying to figure out if you also value meaningful discussions. When you talk, be open and curious. Share real details about yourself and ask follow up questions to keep the discussion flowing. This is how he tests people – will you pass?

He’ll See How She Handles Conflict

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One way he might secretly test a woman is by causing a little drama to see how she reacts. He could start arguing about something small just to see how she handles disagreements. If she gets super upset over little things, that’s a red flag for him. He wants someone who can stay calm and deal with problems reasonably.

He might even do something like complain about the restaurant being dirty or the waitress being slow when it’s not really true. He just wants to see how you react. I know that’s not very nice of him, but I guess he feels he needs to test you somehow.

He’ll Test Her Commitment And Loyalty

Before he fully commits to you, he’ll want to know that you have real feelings for him too. One way he might test you is by taking a long time to respond to your texts or calls. He’s seeing if you’ll double text him or get upset. The best thing to do is stay calm and confident that he’s interested in you. If he really cares, he’ll come around in his own time.

He may also cancel plans with you last minute because of some “work emergency” or something with a friend. He wants to see if you’ll still be there for him through any problems. Reassure him that you understand, and ask how you can support him. Showing you’re patient and nice will prove that you’re serious about being with him.

Some Libra guys can even flirt with other people to get a reaction from you too. Don’t give him the satisfaction of making you jealous or clingy. Keep your cool and trust that you have a real connection. You can tell him directly how his flirting makes you feel, while also saying you want to be with him.

Analyzing Communication

He likes wit, humor, and intellectual challenges. Pay attention to the types of discussions you have and how he talks. Does he talk to you about deeper things like philosophy, spirituality or current events? Or does he prefer lighter, fun chatting?

A Libra man who often starts meaningful talks is showing interest in connecting on a thinking level. He values an exchange of ideas and opinions. If he’s mostly joking around, he may not be ready to open up seriously yet.

See if he listens well. A Libra man chasing you will not only share about himself but will ask you questions and remember things about your life, interests, and goals. He wants a full picture of who you are. If he frequently interrupts, changes subjects or doesn’t follow up on things you said, he may not be really interested.

He’s Not Playing Games

That sneaky Libra man of yours isn’t trying to play games per se. He just wants to make sure you’re on the same wavelength before he fully commits. If you can show him that you go with the flow, have an open mind, and don’t stress about small stuff, you’ll ace whatever “tests” he puts you through with ease. Remember that Libras are big on balance, so show him how you handle stress and how respectful yet open-minded you can be.