You’ve been seeing this Aries man for a while now. He’s passionate and adventurous, but sometimes it seems like he’s holding back emotionally. You wonder if he’s hiding how he really feels.

As bold and direct as Aries men are, they do have a vulnerable side. Some key signs can help reveal if your Aries crush is keeping his feelings under wraps. Keep your eyes open for those hidden hints that speak volumes about what’s in his heart.

He Becomes Awkward And Uneasy Around You

When an Aries man starts to develop feelings for a woman, it can really throw him for a loop! These guys are usually so sure of themselves and bold in how they carry themselves. But when feelings start to emerge, it’s like he becomes a completely different person.

Don’t be surprised if he suddenly seems awkward or shy around you. Where he was once so confident, he may find himself stumbling over his words or hesitating. That charming bravado is still in there somewhere, it’s just that you have a way of making him a bit nervous. In a good way, of course! Look out for signs like avoiding eye contact, fidgeting, or even blushing.

It’s just his way of dealing with those new sensations welling up inside. But don’t worry, it won’t last forever. Once he works up the courage to take that leap and make his interest known, you’ll see his normal self-assured nature come back. Just give him a little time to process those feelings – I’m sure it won’t be long before that bold Aries spirit emerges once again!

He Pays Extra Attention To Details

When an Aries man starts noticing little things about you, it is a sign he is hiding his feelings. He asks about that new necklace or compliments your new haircut. He remembers your coffee order and favorite movie. These small acts of thoughtfulness are his subtle way of showing he cares without having to say the actual words.

For someone usually wrapped up in his own world, his newfound interest in the tiny details of your life is a major sign his feelings run deep. The typical Aries rushes into relationships on impulse, but when he’s really falling for you, he’ll make an effort to slow down and savor each new discovery.

While other guys may miss the little things, your Aries man is acutely aware of any changes in your appearance or mood. His powers of observation are in overdrive, constantly on alert for new ways to please you and make you smile. Bask in the attention – he isn’t this perceptive with just anyone! His desire to commit your favorites to memory proves you’ve secured a special place in his heart.

He Brags About You To Others

The Aries man isn’t usually one to gush about his romantic feelings. But when he’s really into you, he can’t help but brag about you to the people closest to him. He’ll casually mention your accomplishments to his friends and family, highlighting all the qualities he finds impressive about you.

Don’t be surprised if his friends start giving you compliments like, “He’s told me so much about you!” or, “I’ve heard you’re amazing at your job.” An Aries man only brags about the very best, so take it as a sign that he thinks the world of you and sees you as a total catch. Underneath his casual boasting is a deeper affection and pride in being with someone like you.

He may hold back from overly mushy displays of emotion, but his desire to show you off is a subtle hint at how strongly he really feels. An Aries man in love wants everyone to know how lucky he is to have found such an incredible partner. His praise of you to others is a quiet but meaningful way of saying you’re the one for him.

He Seeks Out Excuses To Be Around You

When an Aries man likes you, he’ll find reasons to spend time with you. He may suggest grabbing coffee or lunch together regularly at work or school. On the weekends, he might invite you over to watch a movie or cook a meal together.

These invitations are his way of getting to know you better in a low-pressure setting. An Aries man is bold but often hesitant to express his feelings openly. By arranging casual hangouts, he’s able to gage how much you like him in return. If you seem enthusiastic about the time you spend together, he’ll gain the confidence to take things to the next level.

However, if you frequently turn down his offers to get together or seem indifferent in person, his ego may get bruised. He’ll start to withdraw and look for affection elsewhere. So if you’re interested in an Aries man, accept his invitations and show you’re happy to be around him. Compliment him, ask lots of questions, and make eye contact – he’ll get the message loud and clear. With the right encouragement, this bold yet bashful ram will charge ahead into a passionate romance.

His Mood Shifts Around You

When an Aries guy has feelings for you, he can’t hide his shifting moods. One minute, he’s excited and affectionate, the next he’s distant and irritable. This hot and cold behavior is his way of grappling with emotions he doesn’t fully understand.

Don’t take his mood swings personally. His fiery temperament means his emotions tend to burn brightly, but also flare up and die down quickly. Give him space when he’s in one of his “off” moods. Let him work through it on his own—he’ll come back around once he processes his feelings.

His passionate nature is part of what makes Aries men exciting, if sometimes exhausting, romantic partners. Learn to go with the flow of his changing moods. When he’s in an affectionate phase, reciprocate his warmth and enthusiasm. Show him you appreciate all sides of his complex personality. In time, as he becomes more comfortable expressing how he feels, his moods should start to level out. Your patience and understanding will mean the world to him.