You’ve noticed it lately – your Aquarius guy is going out of his way to make you jealous. He’s constantly talking about other girls, posting pics with them on social media, or finding little ways to make you wonder who he’s with when you’re not around. You’re scratching your head, wondering why he’s acting this way. What’s his deal?

Well, when it comes to an Aquarius man, there are a few key reasons he may engage in behavior designed to evoke jealousy. Keep reading to uncover the top 5 reasons an Aquarius man tries to make you jealous. With insight into his zodiac sign’s tendencies, you’ll better understand this frustrating behavior.

He’s Testing You

If an Aquarius man is trying to make you jealous, one of the main reasons is likely that he is testing you. They can be a bit detached emotionally, so jealousy can show them that you’re truly invested in the relationship. When he flirts with others or talks about past relationships, he’s gauging your reaction to see how much you care.

Aquarians really value their independence, so they want to feel sure that a partner is secure enough not to try to control them. Making you jealous in small ways allows him to assess your level of trust, insecurity, and maturity. If you react in an overblown manner, it shows him you’re not ready for the freedom he needs in a relationship.

He Wants Your Attention

The astrological water bearers have a bit of a reputation for being a little detached. But the truth is, just like anyone, they want to feel close to their partner, too. It’s just that sometimes their way of showing it seems a little unconventional.

Making a casual reference to an ex or commenting on an attractive colleague – I think for him, it’s a strange kind of test. He wants to feel like he’s still top of mind for you, that your relationship is a priority. Even if he says it like he’s just making an observation, there’s a part of him that’s hoping to get a rise out of you. Like, “Look, she still cares what I think”.

Of course, it’s not the most mature way to foster intimacy. But I get the motivation behind it. At the end of the day, everyone just wants to feel special to the person they care about. Maybe next time you hear him bring up someone from his past or notice how he interacts with other women, instead of reacting, try reminding him how much he means to you. A little reassurance can go a long way with an Aquarius man.

He’s Feeling Insecure

Making you jealous is a tactic some Aquarius men use as a way to reassure themselves that you still care about them and want to be with them.

When an Aquarius man starts acting distant or flirty with others in front of you, it could be a tactic to provoke a jealous or possessive reaction from you. In his mind, this would confirm that you still have strong feelings for him and want him all to yourself. The more jealous you become, the more he feels desired and secure in your bond.

He Craves Drama

Aquarians can sometimes get a real thrill out of intense emotions, even if they’re not so great otherwise. Stirring up jealousy in a partner is one way to do that – it creates real drama and gets a strong reaction. And for an Aquarius, that’s exciting! It spices things up from the usual day-to-day routine.

Stirring the pot by making someone jealous, it gets the blood pumping and the nerves on edge. It feeds that need an Aquarius can have for mental and emotional stimulation. The jealousy game, as petty as it is, provides that in a big way. Of course, it isn’t really fair to the partner and can damage trust over time. But at the moment, an Aquarius dude might not be thinking of that – just feeding the thrill of stirring things up.

He Has Commitment Issues

Making you jealous is a way for him to test the strength of your feelings for him and gauge your level of commitment. If you react strongly to his attempts, it reassures him that you care. However, it also shows he is not yet ready for a truly mature, emotionally open relationship.

Jealousy games are often a sign he is hesitant to fully commit. While he may enjoy the benefits of having you in his life, the idea of being “tied down” still makes him uneasy. Trying to provoke jealousy is a way to keep some distance emotionally while still keeping you interested.