You’re seeing or dating a Gemini guy, and you can’t quite figure him out. I get it, they can be so hard to read sometimes! One minute he’s all over you, and the next, it’s like you don’t even exist. What’s up with that?

As a Gemini, he probably feels things out in an…unconventional way. Suddenly giving you the cold shoulder or changing his story, it’s all part of feeling comfortable. Deep down, he wants to know you’ve got his back no matter what. It’s annoying for sure, but look at it from his perspective. Commitment is a scary territory, and he needs reassurance that you’re in it for the long haul.

The good news is, with a little patience on your part, you can pass all his little “tests” with flying colors. Here’s how.

His Curious Nature

Gemini guys are naturally curious about everything and everyone around them. And that includes you! He’s going to come up with little ways to try and get to know you better. Now, testing you out could be a good sign, too – it may mean he’s interested, but he wants to make sure you’re worth pursuing before he fully commits.

Just go with it, answer his questions honestly, and don’t overthink it. If you pass his tests, you’ll have a much better chance of catching his eye. Even when things seem a little personal, don’t take it too personally; they’re just really curious creatures.

He Shares Obscure Facts

Geminis accumulate random facts like a sponge absorbs water. He may share bizarre tidbits with you just to see your reaction. But don’t stress it, you can either have a little debate about what they said or throw out some weird fact of your own. They’ll love that you’re just rolling with it and want to go back and forth. It really gets their mood going when you’re willing to geek out with all the odd stuff floating around in their head.

Playful Jokes

Let me put it this way – Gemini men are characters. They love cracking jokes to see how you roll with the punches. Don’t be surprised if he hits you with a zinger out of nowhere – just remember, he’s playing, not trying to insult you. Best thing to do is laugh it off and fire back your own snappy reply. Show him you can keep up with his silly antics. That’ll let him know you’re not some stuck up bore. At the end of the day though, these guys want a girl who’s fun. Sure, they like being brainiacs, but they want someone who finds the humor in life, too.

Testing Your Flexibility

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The astrological Twins live life in the fast lane and love spontaneity. Don’t be surprised if he hits you up with ideas for impromptu dates or weekend getaways just for fun. The best thing you can do is roll with it – Geminis value flexibility and a sense of adventure. If you get annoyed or thrown off by changes in plans, he may think you two aren’t on the same page.

What he’s really looking for is a partner in crime, not someone who anchors him down. Since his interests can change like the wind, you’ll need to prove you can keep up as he dives into new hobbies, scenes, and groups of friends. But if you already have other commitments, just let him know honestly and suggest another time to connect.

Reading Between The Lines

Be ready for some mischievous behavior. Gemini guys simply love words and ideas, so he’ll probably toss out some sly comments or inside jokes just to see if you catch on. Pay attention between the lines, too – there’s usually more going on than meets the eye with these guys.

What he really wants is a partner who gets that he’s a complex guy and can read between the lines of his stories. Prove to him that you’re clever and insightful and you’ll ace this little test of his with flying colors. Just don’t take everything he says too literally – there’s meaning underneath the meaning with a Gemini!

Personal Space

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He’s definitely an independent type who needs his space. Even though he’s super sociable, alone time is important to him. Don’t be surprised if he takes a step back every now and then or isn’t as quick to reply to your texts. Clinginess is a huge turn off for Gemini men. The best thing to do is show him you’ve got your own life going on and you’re comfortable doing your own thing, too.

Also, he might go radio silent for a few hours or even a full day sometimes. I know that probably makes you wonder what’s up, but that’s just how he tests that you can give him breathing room. Some people think it’s games, but it’s really just how he protects his independence.

So if you find yourself blowing up his phone with calls and texts demanding to know where he is, you’re definitely failing his tests. Don’t be that needy girl – it’ll send him running real quick. Just stay cool, keep busy with your friends and hobbies, and let him come to you.

Not Getting Jealous

Don’t question him or give him the third degree when he does call or text after a few days of silence. Act normal and casual – not angry, hurt or jealous. Interrogating him about where he’s been will only make him feel trapped and smothered.

Even if he mentions meeting someone famous or having an awesome experience, don’t get all bent out of shape about it. Jealousy is such a turn off, and he’s not going to want to be with someone who’s constantly worried about what he’s doing when he’s not around.

Our Advice

All air signs can be a bit mysterious in how they figure out if a girl is worth their time, but it’s all just their fun way of getting to know you better. When he starts putting you through your paces, don’t sweat it – he’s just playing detective to see how you vibe together. Have a good laugh and show off that quick wit of yours so he knows you can keep up!

This guy is looking for a partner in adventure, not someone who’s going to get attached at the hip. Give as good as you get, keep the conversation lively, and let him have his space when he needs it. That easygoing attitude and sense of humor will prove you’re not high maintenance – and will definitely make you pass whatever tests he’s got brewing in that curious Gemini mind of his!